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Travel Tips: Hazard and Safety

One can hardly foresee all hazards and risks, which a tourist could face in a foreign country. The Republic of Bulgaria is increasingly meeting the EC criteria for ensuring security and preventive guard to its citizens and guests. Nevertheless, there are some hazards, which could be kept in mind and prevented by Bulgarians as well as by tourists travelling round the country.

Here we offer nine golden rules, which can help to a risk-free stay:
1. Every visitor changes money upon entering the country. Sometimes in front of the change bureau there are people offering a higher exchange rate than the official one. Avoid such gains on the cheap, if you dont want to be the victim of a street swindle.
2. When parking your car dont forget to check whether all doors and the boot are well locked. Leave no documents, bags and valuable articles exposed inside the car. Leave your car at paid parking lots, which provide security to your car and belongings.
3. Thefts happen worldwide, so you must know where the most risky places are. Above all these are the markets, then the town transport, or evenings in the suburbs or the narrow streets in the centre of bigger towns, the railway stations, bus stations and airports. Do not leave your luggage unattended, nor trust any unknown persons to keep it. Carry only limited cash, and keep your documents in a safe place.
4. Leave on deposit in the hotel safes, if you dont need them for the day, any valuables like golden jewellery and ornaments, laptop computers, video-cameras and expensive photo-cameras. Dont leave them behind in your hotel rooms or lodgings, nor entrust them to new acquaintances.
5. The local guides of Asia, Africa or Latin America offering cheap services (a sight familiar to globe-trotters) are not typical of Bulgaria. If you are offered guide services without having asked for, refuse without getting involved, because the prospective guide may be up to something unpleasant.
6. Still persisting is the risk of meeting people involved in criminal business, narcotics trading, and traffic of women abroad. People of this kind can be most frequently encountered at motorways and in roadside motels, night clubs, bingo halls, fitness centres, and in the expensive resorts and restaurants. Avoid any contacts or quarrel with them.
7. Avoid buying and drinking liquor, purchased from cheap little shops. Check whether the excise bands are firmly affixed to the bottle in factory conditions.
8. When on vacation at the seaside, use mainly the beaches supervised by life-guards, and strictly observe the rules of safe bathing in the sea. Do not risk swimming in unknown and risky places, dont dive or ride a jet or motorboat near the shore. Prefer places with more people, which ensures that the sea is safe there; stay near some people for eventual assistance in case of need.
9. When hiking in the mountains, always follow the marked tracks. Carry warm clothes, comfortable footwear, a torch lights, two pairs of socks, pocket-knife, matches and rain-protecting wear. Have at hand food for at least one day, warming drink and a litre of water. Do not risk venturing out alone along unknown paths and risky venues. In winter give up hiking out in the mountain in poor visibility conditions, or without reliable equipment. If you are a mountaineer, snowboarder or ordinary skier, use only well-tried tours and frequented ski-runs. Best of all keep in group, next to people who are familiar with the tracks, ski-runs and the tours. Hire a good local guide, preferably a professional mountain guide. This would save you long inquiries, much effort and unpleasant experience, and will guarantee your health and life. Guides can be hired from licensed agencies and societies specialised in tourism, mountaineering and skiing.

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