Pomorie Lake - Pictures of Bulgaria

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Pictures of Pomorie Lake:

Pomorie Lake

Pomorie Lake

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Sightseeing: Pomorie Lake

Pomorie Lake - Pictures Of Bulgaria
The Pomorian Lake is a natural over-salted lagoon, situated to the north of the seaside town of Pomorie, which in turn lies some 20 km to the north of the city of Bourgas. The lake's southern shore borders falls within the towns limits. The Pomorie lake is separated from the sea by a natural sand strip and a synthetic dike, while a canal in its southern part supplies the lake with fresh water from the Black Sea. The Pomorian Lake is about 8 km long (in north-south direction), while its maximum width is 2 km. With the aim of protecting the endangered species of birds, mammals, plants and invertebrates, in 2001 the Pomorian Lake and its adjacent area were declared protected area according to Bulgarian law.

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