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Settlements: Razgrad

The town of Razgrad (population: 39 036 habitants, about 200 m above sea-level) is situated on the Loudogorie plateau (and is considered the capital of the Loudogorie), on either bank of the Beli Lom River. It is 375 km north-east of Sofia, 66 km south-east of Rousse, 49 km north-west of Shoumen, 36 km north of Turgovishte, 36 km north-east of Popovo and 108 km south-west of Silistra. A district centre.

History: Razgrad is the successor of the Roman settlement called Abritus (its ruins are situated near the town), the latter being established at the place of a Thracian settlement with an unknown name. The medieval Bulgarian settlement called Hrazgrad (Hrisgrad) sprang up upon the remains of the ruins of the Byzantine town already destroyed in the invasions.

In 1388 it fell under Turkish reign. Since 1573 on the town gradually grew into a craft centre. People reared silkworms. There was a trading colony from Dubrovnic dating back to 16th century.

It developed as a typical Oriental town. Bulgarians from the nearby villages gradually settled there and thus changed the ethnical pattern. In 1860 the first school opened its doors. The first Bulgarian poetess Stanka Nikolitsa Spaso-Elenina worked as a teacher in the Revival town of Razgrad.

On 1st March 1879 when the foundations were laid for the Mausoleum of the Russian liberators Prince Dondoukov-Korsakov was among the guests present. At that time Frank Grunanger was the towns architect.

For the last decades Razgrad has developed as a centre of pharmaceutical industry in Bulgaria.

Landmarks: The St. Nikola Church dates back to the end of 19th century. The Clock Tower is a slender stone body in the shape of parallelepiped with a wooden superstructure with a clockwork in it. It is 26.15 m high; master Todor Tonchev from Tryavna built it in 1864 replacing an old tower from 18th century. The Museum of History is situated both in the town and in the Abritus Archaeological Reserve (tel.: 084 24273, 27378, 42207). The Ethnographic Complex (Varosha quarter, 20, Antim I Str., tel.: 084 36071, 36971). The house-museum of Professor Dimitur Nenov has the same address (tel.: 084 29777). The Stanka and Nikola Ikonomovs Revival Museum Collection (Varosha quarter, 7, St. Kliment Blvd, tel.: 084 29322). The D. Danailov Art Gallery (G.S.Rakovski Str.). The Ilia Petrov Art Gallery (Cyril and Methodius Str.). The bronze sculpture at the Momina Cheshma. Mausoleum of the Russian soldiers who died in the Russian-Turkish War of Liberation.
In Razgrad there is Anton Strashimirov Theatre of Drama (in the central part of the town) and a College for Chemical Technologies and Biotechnologies.

Accommodation: the Razgrad Hotel (in the southern part of the town, 15, Zheravna Str.). The Central Hotel (40, Beli Lom Str.). The Abritus Hotel (downtown). There are very interesting restaurants in Razgrad offering original Bulgarian specialities. Here are two of them: Bai Kiro and Sons Tavern (4, Maritsa Str., working hours: 9.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. all the week round) and The Academy Restaurant (11, Rakovski Str., working hours: 10.00 a.m - 3.00 a.m.).

Tourist Information: Diana Tours - an agency for complex tourists services (Bulgaria blvd., block Chaika, tel.: 084 22637). All hotels and the Buina Gora Tourist Agency (76, Knyaz Boris Str., tel.: 084 26761).

Transport: Bus and railway. There are regular bus lines to Rousse, Popovo, Turgovishte, Shoumen, Koubrat, Is-pe-rih and other smaller settlements in the district. The bus station is located in the eastern part of the town near the river (2, Bulgaria Blvd., tel.: 084 22356, 26979). The railway station in Razgrad (tel.: 084 22436, 6 km away from the town with a bus line) is situated on the oldest railway line in the country, i.e. Rousse - Varna. It makes it part of the national railway system. There is public bus transport in the town.

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