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Atlas Hotel in Golden Sands, Bulgaria

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Hotel / Accommodation Information:
LocationGolden Sands
Hotel TypeHotels
Hotel OverviewThe Atlas Hotel is situated 250 m. away from the beach and offers accommodation in 273 rooms.
FacilitiesHotel and room facilities of Atlas Hotel - point the mouse over an image to see the meaning.

Room Facilities:
Air Conditioner Hair Dryer Minibar Satellite TV Telephone
Hotel Facilities:
Bar Beach Conference Hall Fitness Center Indoor Swimming Pool Massage Center Medical Services Outdoor Swimming Pool Parking Restaurant Sauna Trade Center
Hotel AddressGolden Sands Complex

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    Pictures of Atlas Hotel Golden Sands
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    Picture of Atlas Hotel Golden SandsPicture of Atlas Hotel Golden SandsPicture of Atlas Hotel Golden SandsPicture of Atlas Hotel Golden SandsPicture of Atlas Hotel Golden Sands
    Atlas Hotel Golden Sands
    Photo contributed by: Atlas Hotel Golden Sands

    Visitor comments for Atlas Hotel:
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    Stop it! by Laura on 10 Jul 2011, 22:53
    Ok... I haven't been in this hitel jet, I'm going there in August. I have been in alot of places and five star hotels of this world.. But as i am reading some of the comments especially that one by miss michelle and her family I must to say : WHAT A BITCH !!!! I BELIEVE YOU ARE FROM UK OR SOMWHERE WHERE YOU PEOPLE ARE JUST SOOO IN LOVE WITH YOUR SELF... DON'T TALK TRASH ABOUT BALKAN, IF YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH YOUR CULTURE SO MUCH, YOU WILL NEVER BE READY TO MEET OTHER CULTURES !!! AND PEOPLE IN BALKAN DON'T NEED SUCH IDIOTES TO TRASH THEM... MAYBE THIS HOTEL REALLY IS BAD.. BUT DON'T TRASH BALKAN BECAUSE OF IT.
    question by alexis on 16 Mar 2010, 18:55
    it has wifi? so i can take my laptop?
    hotel ATLAS by Marius on 07 Sep 2009, 17:50
    Hello everyone..i stayed there 5 nights and i was very pleased of the conditions..every room was cleaned each day, the food, even it was the same everyday, the variety of food was enough so you could eat each day different things..everything was perfect and of course the animation team was great...two of the girls were very nice looking, i will miss them..marta and yani were wonderful..super..super..
    sept 18th to 02nd oct 2008 by michelle, colin and emma on 07 Oct 2008, 18:24
    After looking forward to a second visit to bulgaria, me, my husband and daughter were left very disappointed and upset. We spent 2 weeks looking for something to do as places were being closed down for winter, the weather was awful (cant be helped), and some of the german people were very ignorant and tended to push past you to get served or get in the lift and close the door so you have to wait anoher 15 mins to get to your room. Met alot of nice english people there, some of which became ill, not sure if it was the food, but lukewarm food, and undercooked meat wasnt very appetising, so a short stroll to the other place to sample their cuisine left us also nauseous, cold pizza, cold chips, watery cola, only thing i enjoyed was the coffee, although you didnt get very big cups, especially from the lovely little bar under the stairs. Entertainment was much to be desired, you spent half an hr listening to 3 diiferent languages and bulgarian humour isnt very funny. Maybe a nice walk round the resort, NO!!!! be prepared to be hassled by muppet bar ppl or hookers, who became rather rude after a while. Hotel itself was clean enough, staff very rude, they didnt wait 2 seconds to snatch your plate away, even if you had finished or not. Outdoor and indoor pool clean but very cold, and the lifeguards spent most time sleeping or not there atall, and we laso got told to go to reception if drowning (hhmmmmm)!!! All in all the holiday wasnt very good atall, the only thing that kept us going was the friends we met, and the fact that it was a day nearer to coming home. Balkan airlines ha ha what a joke, staff very miserable and we all got a plastic ham sandwhich thrown at us, and given a cold cup of coffee (mud), no film, and broken seat trays. I am so glad to be home, i will never ever go to bulgaria again. Forgot to mention the gunshots we heard in the resort too. Beware of prices, hookers, rude people and staff, and the food!!!
    dissapointment by elaine taylor on 02 Oct 2008, 22:22
    my partner and i have just returned from two weeks at the atlas hotel and i cannot tell you how awful it was. firstly the staff were the most ignorant people i have met. when we served a drink we had our card snatched out of our hands the drink was banged down so hard there was hardley any left. no staff said thank you or even raised asmile. the food was disgusting undercooked and cold.the menu was the same for the whole two weeks lunch and dinner.the terrace food was no better it was left uncovered for long periods of time. hot food was put straight on top of cold food. pizza was cold and curled up and rock hard. the freezer where the ice cream was kept was disgusting it had mould around the seal and dirty hand prints where children had helped themselfs.many people young and old were becoming ill which is not at all surprising.we saved all year for this and were treated badly. i would advise anyone to steer clear of this hotel.
    Hotel Atlas, Golden sands, Bulgaria by Lynsey on 19 Sep 2008, 17:37
    Just returned from the Atlas Hotel in Golden Sands. Stayed here for 7 nights in september. Hotel food was diabolical and everything was catered for the Germans. They push past you and even the staff in the hotel treat you like 2nd class citizens. Food was undercooked (especially meat) be warned! You can have cold rubbery chips for breakfast,dinner and tea in the sheltered part of the restaurant,and lukewarm food. No wonder its all-inclusive the coke is like rola cola watered down and don't even talk about the teabags! Take your own!
    Rooms are very clean and spacious and our maid was very nice and friendly enough. I wouldn't recommend this hotel even if they have kids even the entertainment/mini disco isn't english!
    Weather wasn't very pleasant we had 2 hot days out of 7.
    Bar Staff in hotel not very friendly unless you were buying something!
    Waiter in the restaurant in the evening told me to get my own drink from the self-service pump which was situated elsewhere but then proceeded to serve the germans what they wanted!
    This hotel is only recommended for its location and cleanliness,i won't be returning to this hotel again.
    holiday mode by chelsea joe on 15 Sep 2008, 00:15
    i stayed in the aug im english although i try to make friends with the germans i found them arrigant, misrable and affencive. Germans think they have the right to be first all the time they look they look again then they want sumthing for free. They take all the sun beds at 6am coz there scared if missing the sun. also they dnt wanna pay 9leves on the beach for a sunbed.take away the germans and the atlas hotel is a wonderful place.the food is great.the staff are great and the hotel it self is excellent. its near to all the night life and we recomend muppets bar bonkers arangance night club to any britains see ya all next yr we ove bulgaria.
    Atlas Hotel by Ramona on 05 Aug 2008, 20:12
    We have just returned from a 4 day trip to Golden Sands, where we booked 2 rooms all inclusive at Atlas Hotel. Although the hotel looks ok, the rooms are nice and cleaned every day, we totally disliked the staff. First, we had to wait 4 hours to check in because the rooms were not ready at 13 o'clock when we arrived. Then, when we checked out, they wanted to make us pay for some drinks we supossedly had from the mini bar in the room that we haven't even touched. The food from the restaurant, although quite good, was the same every day. As for the pool outside the hotel, it is very small and there are insufficient lounge chairs for all the guests, so that we had to wake up at 7 to find any available.
    Atlas Hotel by German Guy on 05 Jun 2008, 21:28
    I am shocked at all these negative comments. I am a German, and I lived the last five years in the United Kingdom. Contrary to prevailing stereotypes, the British are rude and ignorant. They think they are polite, but being constantly ignored and ignoring the people around you isn't polite. Queuing is a great thing, it doesn't exist in Germany, but at least German people don't pretend to be something they aren't. German people don't walk around with a fake posh accent. German people don't try to trick fellow citizen and sell them rubbish all the time. To give an example, in Germany, a plumber will be on time, do his or her work, and charge an appropriate price. In England, a plumber will pretend to have no availability for the next two weeks, arrive six hours too late on the agreed date, not apologise, but still charge triple the price.

    Although I can understand that Germans are perceived as being rude, nobody on this ridulous form actually tries to understand the cultural differences before making these superficial, negative comments.

    German people are like cats. You have to earn their respect, but once you did, you have reliable friends for life who would risk their lives for you. If you prefer superficial "see you around" sort of wannabe-friends, search somewhere else. But don't just make judgements if you have no idea what's going on. Always playing the WWII card won't improve relationsships between countries. Germany, like no other country on the planet, is self-critical with regard to its history. In fact, we still feel guilty 65 years later, and rightly so. So don't call us Nazis because we actually try to learn from history.
    Atlas Hotel by John and Olive on 06 Oct 2007, 19:05
    We have returned from a two week holiday, all inclusive, and cannot work out where the people who dislike this hotel are coming from. Karen and Chris were there at the same time, and I agree with their comments too. If you want English drink and food, holiday in England, and leave Bulgaria to we who appreciate it.
    Atlas Hotel by Karen & Chris on 03 Oct 2007, 13:15
    We have just returned from 2 weeks at this hotel. It was great. We went all inclusive. There was a varied choice of food at mealtimes and all piping hot, contrary to what I had read in other reviews. The staff were all very friendly and spoke good english. There were quite a few German guests but they were friendly enough , we did not have any problems. The hotel is spotlessly clean and rooms are spacious, cleaned every day. We had a room on the fifth floor with a sea view and overlooking the pool.We would definitly return to this hotel.
    atlas hotel golden sands by jp on 05 Sep 2007, 19:47
    My wife , my 4 year old daughter and myself spent two weeks in the atlas hotel in August 2007.
    It is the first time going on holiday that i was ever made more unwelcome by a hotel in my life. we went on room and breakfast rate. we made the mistake of going to the restaurant the second night we got there. after being shown to our table we went to the buffet counter to get what shouldnt be described as food . it was luke warm unedible tripe. mid way through this, a very stern restaurant manager came up to us and demanded that the food be paid for at the reception desk straight away.apparently it was of uptmost importance just in case i was leaving the country!!!i suspect if we were german there would have been no problem paying when we were finished like most normal restaurants. This hotel is most definitly aimed at the germans. if you are not german dont bother booking this hotel.Also in this hotel they attract the most ignorant race of german people i have ever come across. at breakfast time they would regulary push you out of their way to get to the hot counter. not that the selection of food is anything to rush for.i appreciate that when you go away that you sample different foods but selection was very poor and very questionable if even properly cooked.
    The pool is far too small for the amount of rooms in the hotel and if you are not down to reserve a lounger by 6am forget about it.
    The evening entertainment in the hotel is a joke. The animation team put on what would be pushing it to call amateur.My 4 year old daughter would do better.Speaking of my daughter, we put her in the kids club one day to see if she would meet some friends. the only problem there is the supervisor could only speak german and my child had no clue what was been said. needless to say she never went back.
    i would strongly urge any english speaking people to avoid this hotel as they will want nothing to do with you when you get there.
    we go on a foregin holiday every year and this is the first tiome i was ever so pissed off that i wrote a review in the hope nobody else makes the same mistake of booking this hotel.
    Atlas hotel by Mick on 02 Sep 2007, 13:20
    We (4 adults and 5 kids) have just returned from a 2 week all inclusive at the Atlas hotel. The Atlas is lovely, clean and very plush. The cleaners are always milling around the hotel. Staff are mostly friendly although smiles are hard to find but thats probably just a cultural thing. The beach is a few minutes walk through some great small streets busy with restaurants, stalls and bars. I think all the rooms are air-conditioned and the noisy night life is kept at bay by double glazed windows and doors.

    On the down side, the food at the Atlas restaurant although plentiful is a bit basic, bland and monotonous. After a few days I found I would much rather eat out to. The food elsewhere around Golden Sands is great and cheap, 15 to 25 Lv is more than enough per head for a great meal including drinks. If our experience is typical, the Atlas Chinese restaurant is probably to be avoided, we arent picky eaters but I dont think just adding a load of super salty soy sauce to different meat dishes doesnt qualify then as Chinese, out of the 9 in our party none could eat it.

    The Atlas all inclusive package is definitely on the low end of the scale and Im afraid it was a bit of a let down. Away from main restaurant meal times (see above) the food options are limited to the likes of cold French fries, very bland pizza, mini sausages and cold (ish) pasta. You arent permitted to use the hotels two main bars, in the daytime you limited to a make shift bar pushed under some stairs and in the evening (till 11PM) to the outdoor Ice bar. Your rooms mini bar is also not in the all inclusive package, in fact theres a warning that youll be charged 5 Lv a day if you put anything of your own in it. It also seems rules are not waived in the slightest. My pal went to the Ice bar at around 10:45 one night and joined the end of the last drinks queue. When he eventually he got to be net to be served a CLOSED sign was plonked on the bar in front of him. He and the hand full of others still queuing were not impressed. Rumour had it that this is a nightly event; surely with a bit of thought the bar staff could predict when to tell people to stop queuing.

    Good - but not as good as last year!! by Lorraine Falconer on 21 Aug 2007, 12:40
    Ive been back nearly 2 weeks now and it feels like ages ago - still cannot fault this hotel as far as cleanliness and the staff go but the one thing that was blatantly obvious this time around was the amount of ignorant germans that were there!!! OH MY GOD!!!
    It is unbelievable how ignorant they are - they have no manners at all and shove past you when youre trying to leave the lifts etc!! On one occasion my youngest daughter (4) stepped into the lift and 2 elderly german ladies closed the door on me and my partner so therefore we were left open mouthed wondering where our daughter was off to!! Eventually after 5 mins she appeared back on ground floor on her own looking very confused. Im sorry but if that had been british in the lift at that time they would have made sure my daughter got back to us safe and well - but what else do you expect from the germans!!! Anyway still all enjoyed our stay at the Atlas and a big shout out to all (Ivor, Dessi, Sato and the rest of the staff and animation team) One thing we were disappointed with was the fact that the changed last years kids entertainer - Dessi was much better at the job!!!!! Hi also to Lindsay and Marie too!!!
    amazing place!! by marie on 12 Aug 2007, 21:58
    i just returned from my stay at the atlas hotel today with my friend and her family. we had such a wonderful time and are hoping to go back very soon...the entertainers there become friends as do the bar staff.even after the entertainers(evo,kayo,daisi) have finished work for the day most nights they come up to the bar and socialise,we found ouselves playing pool until early hours of the morning with them! the maid service was beyond expectations and as i find it hard to keep my stuff off the floor coming in every day to an emmaculate room was lovely! there are alot of germans,however, to say there are all rude is being a stereotype because i made friends with a few myself who were very lovely.the only fault i had with the place is the amount of people who try to give you flyers etc on the street,however this is not a fault of the hotel and we didnt let it spoil our holiday! we had a fabulous time there and exchanged numbers with many of the people,one of the best holidays ever and cant wait to go back next year!
    Hotel Atlas.......very nice by Soeren Hoejrup,Denmark on 31 Jul 2007, 20:07
    We had a great holiday on this hotel,
    all i can say is MAGIC
    love atlas hotel by lucy on 30 Jul 2007, 11:14
    great hotel, great staff, great fun all round..loved every second of the holiday and would definatly go again!
    Best Hpliday Ever! by Laura on 27 Jul 2007, 13:29
    i absoloutly loved this hotel and all its staff. i went there with my friend and her family and it was magnificant..we made alot of friends over there that i will miss lots..especially the sports entertainers (Nuri,Kayo,Ivor,Desi,Milena,Reni) and the bar staff as i found them to be very friendly and welcoming. the ice bar for ll inclusive people was amazing. the man and woman workers that were working there every night were so lovely and we made very good friends with them.. me and my firned stayed in the hotel nearly every night and enjoyed every second of can stay up till whatever time in the lobby bar chatting to the workers and animation team and we often got invited out to parties by the staff which i found to be very enjoyable. the entertainment at night was very good and i found that the little kids loved it.. the hotel itself was amazing and in walking distance to the town, shops and beach..the resturant was lovely however the food was not very varied..the rooms were lovely and clean and i have no complaints whatsoever about any aspect of this hotel..the pool was great just make sure you reserve your sunbeds early because they do go quickly..the maid service was efficient and the reps were fantastic..i went on a few trips and i would highly recommend the jeep safari and forest feast as they were so much fun for all ages..i am really asd to have left this hotel as i LOVED every second of my stay there..the staff were welcoming and although i found the germans to be rude to the staff they were never rude to the other members of the hotel..if you are all inclusive i would recommend that you go to the ice bar as the staff that work nearly every night - One man and One woman - were so friendly and funny..i will sadly miss this hotel and more importantly its staff!!! ..Hope to come back very soon!!
    excellent!! by katie on 26 Jul 2007, 20:36
    i have returned from holidaying at the atlas hotel about 5 hours ago so thought i would post a comment.. the hotel was great.. very clean and modern.. loads of food choices for all inclusive guests.. that is if ur willing to try something other than chicken nuggets and chips!! which i might add u can usually get in the kids section of the buffet.. the pool is great, the kids will love the slides.. kids club isnt the best in the world but the animation team do try and they speak about 4 different languages... one thing we found helpful was if u are all inclusive is to get a drink from the ice bar and take it into the dinning room with u as drink service can be very slow and often only end up havin one drink with ur meal.. try the jeep safari as it is a great day out everyone will enjoy, just dont forget to take a towel!!.. the water park it also good but has alot of steps going into the park and up to the slides.. all in all one of the best holidays ive had..:)
    Atlas Hotel-do not go there! by Pippa on 13 Jul 2007, 22:30
    Absolutely disgusted!!! That should tell it all but to enlighten would be guests of Atlas hotel... The service is poor or as a matter of fact there is NO service in this hotel! How it got to be a 4 star hotel -don't know. Expect the building itself is quite new and does have that certain wow factor. Beyond that faade there is nothing to enjoy here. I have received outstanding service in so called lesser hotels around the world.
    The restaurant staff and only the restaurant staff can be and are extremely threatening and intimidating. The food is disgusting and the menu never changes from day to day. If you are all inclusive and have already paid for the holiday in this hotel take extra money for meals out that you will enjoy far more. And please do not approach the restaurant staff with any complaints or even queries. The reaction you will get is terrible and scary... All the staff gather around you immediately no matter how nicely you enquire. Other than that the local resort is very nice but not for kids... At this time of the year the resort is dominated by Germans so expect it and don't be offended by it. They are a pain in the butt and as well very rude. But just wanting to enjoy their holiday as like you.
    IF YOU HAVEN'T BOOKED YOUR HOLIDAY YET... LOOK AT SUNNY BEACH... Many of my family had been there and had no problems... Also no matter where in Bulgaria you are visiting don't go all inclusive-it is seriously cheap to eat and drink out and you will have more fun!!!
    Atlas hotel by coolasmoo on 11 Jul 2007, 11:32
    When you walk into the hotel for the first time you this looks good. the bell boy takes your luggage to your room everyone smiling... receptionists are good and the cleaning service is good too but that is where the fun ends. If your all inclusive reconsider. the food is bland and the menu never changes...AT ALL. the food in the local resort is much nicer. I asked the cook to fill the food trays in the snack bar so that I could eat something and my kids too because often the snack bar food trays are empty. I got a very aggressive response and could not believe I was actually being shouted at in Bulgarian. The water dispenser in the restaurant is often empty and quite often no glasses. Oh and you only have to bars to get your drinks from. one is very tiny and actually under a set of stairs and the other is away from the pool area totally and has enough seats for approximately 25 people out of a possible 2100 guests. We actually got served by a waiter on our last day we couldn't believe our look until he demanded we pay for them. when we explained we are all inclusive he still demanded we pay and was by now shouting at me and my family. i asked for the restaurant manager who came to us and explained .. we only serve self catering because they tip you get everything for free here and are sh*t sh*t customers. by now i was quite upset myself and even threatebed the waiter who was being seriously abusive by now. at that point the Mafia was mentioned. At which point i departed because Bulgaria is run by the Mafia. There are also plenty of pick pockets in the resort so keep your bags in front of you ladies with both hands on it. And hey if you speak German you'll like the entertainment. The town is not for family's either and is very loud even with your door shut to the balcony. I hope this helps if you have already booked and remember don't ask for food you'll get a very bad response. NEVER AGAIN ! I've had better service from a kebab shop. The hotel maybe 4 star the service is not....
    don't go there!!!!!!!!!!!!! by jackie on 03 Jul 2007, 13:58
    my husband,myself and r 2 children went here.The hotel was fine,but r 2 children was really bored.The entertainment was for the germans and the food was nothing to write home about.The resort itself we hated's not a place to take young children. the rusian mafia run it and the traps of the night too. there was gun shots during the day and night .i would only say go here if u don't have a young family.
    Liked it by Marie Anderson on 03 Jul 2007, 09:40
    Oh my god! I loved this hotel. Can't say much more about it, there's nothing to complain about.
    07/06/07 by the turners on 07 Jun 2007, 19:22
    just seven days to go before myself, my husband and are two children go to this hotel.hopefully it will be great.i will make sure we make a report as soon as we get back, must admit not looking for to the ladies of the night but sod erm
    ?????? by ?????? on 28 Apr 2007, 09:46
    i will be there soo cant wait looks great!!!!!
    nang by colesy gang on 22 Apr 2007, 13:05
    95 days till the trotters independant rodney,delboy and uncle albert visit your hotel with our three wheeler van
    hotel by lewis on 01 Jan 2007, 15:52
    i think that your hotel looks really interesting and very entertaining with a great view of the ocean and the beach. I will be visiting your hotel on the 26th of july 2007 at 23.50 and wqill be staying in bulgaria for 2 weeks until thge 10th of august 2007. Expect to see me and my family there at that precise time and date with the rest of my family having the time of our lives. Yours sincerely lewis
    Hotel Atlas by Claire on 04 Oct 2006, 20:22
    I really enjoyed my stay at the hotel atlas. The staff were great, very helpful.The animation staff were fantastic , the guys were very funny.The rooms were very modern. The only thing that wasn't good was the food, but not enough to put you off as it is so cheap in bulgaria.
    Atlas Hotel by Derek Robertson on 28 Sep 2006, 11:35
    30 Aug for two weeks very nice hotel great staff animation team fab only thing is evening meals needs more english type food at night pool bar staff fab rooms are spotless rating out off ten 9 10 if food improves at night
    atlas hotel by dr on 28 Sep 2006, 11:01
    Lorraine Falconer the hotel was great but the food was bad .animation team where great rooms great staff very niceneeds more english food in evening
    Hotel Atlas by Carol on 23 Sep 2006, 19:10
    Having recently returned from staying at Hotel Atlas, i can honestly say that 1 week just isn't enough!! The hotel is beautiful, well kept and the rooms spacious and clean. The staff were friendly and tried their best to help you with any problems/queries (even if they didn't always quite understand you). The only slight is with the food, which could have done with a bit more variety for the less adventurous. The animation team who ran the shows were wonderful!!! (the kids there clearly loved them) and really put so much effort despite the long days they worked into entertaining the audience (even if it wasn't always appreciated by some) One of my biggest disappointments was having to leave before the show started on our last day there, because we were due for pickup. All in all, i would definitely recommend this hotel to a friend and only hope i can go back one day (this time for two weeks)
    hotel Atlas by Lorraine Falconer on 30 Aug 2006, 21:59
    Just returned from holiday at Hotel Atlas and would strongly recommend it to all. Could not fault it in any way - staff very friendly, food good, rooms very clean maids do great job and most of all the hotel run animation team were fantastic - both my daughters (11 + 3) absolutely adored them and so did we!!! The hotel is central for most things - by day, beach and plenty shops and by night, pubs, clubs and restaurants. We just got back on Sunday and we were back at Travel Agents on Monday trying to book for next year. Well done to all staff at Hotel Atlas and we'll see you again next year for sure!!!!!!!
    germans by debi edwards on 10 Aug 2006, 20:01
    hotel was excellent, staff ok, but should not be welcoming so many germans, and cater for more english in food etc
    Atlas Hotel Golden Sands Bulgaria by driicos on 29 Aug 2005, 14:26
    Have just returned from a 1 week holiday. It was really good The food was good at the barbecue part (in the restaurant that's only english food (like fuc**ng beans !).

    The room was clean and the decor very class. Staff in pool bar very friendly, maids work really hard and produce great results. The beach is also clean ! A good trip !
    Hotel Atlas by Alison McCaffrey on 26 Aug 2005, 13:07
    We had a wonderful two weeks in August 2005. The rooms were kept beautifully clean and the staff were friendly and helpful. The food was a bit monotonous, but the introduction of pancakes at breakfast was a bonus for the kids! The Smile Team were brilliant, we are still singing the boomba song! All in all a fantastic holiday and we were sad to leave.
    Muppets Karaoke Bar by Kevin on 18 Aug 2005, 14:20
    The best bar on earth!!! great atmosphere and great people, now "Country Roads" is my favourite song! I'll only go back wid mates next time though. The Hotel Atlas was good, terrible food though. Its so cheap though that u might as well eat out!!
    Atlas Hotel Golden Sands Bulgaria by Tracy lawrence on 11 Aug 2005, 11:07
    Have just returned from a 2 week holiday. I now have very bad holiday blues! It was fantastic!! The food was good, Hotel was clean and the decor very contemporary - wonderful! Staff very friendly, maids work really hard and produce great results. Only downside was pool arean although great for kids and very clean, not much room and you needed to be out there with your towels before 6am! We ended up going to a pool by the beach which was only 5 minutes away and again absolutely beautiful. All in all great holiday 100% value for money!
    General hotel by Ashley on 23 Jul 2005, 01:13
    The service in the hotel was absolutley disgraceful. Some of the staff were very ignorant, and rude. In fact i would say most of the staff. They nearly had one of my party in tears with their arrogance. If and when you ask them a question they all crowd round and laugh at you as though your supposed to know, even if you aren't. The rooms were beautiful, but i'm afraid the maids were terrible and again, very rude. The food in the hotel was absolutley out of this world in appearance but it tasted awful. They seem to cater entirely for the germans as it's their style cuisine. If you have already booked this hotel, You'll be fine, it's a beautiful hotel but you may have to excuse the staff.
    review by anonoymous on 28 Jun 2005, 10:24
    it was a nice place, a bit hilly, but the sevice in the hotel was discraceful!!!!!!!!!!