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Chaika Beach Hotel in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

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Hotel / Accommodation Information:
LocationSunny Beach
Hotel TypeHotels
Hotel OverviewLocation: The Chaika Beach Complex 4* is situated in the prestigious Sunny Beach - the biggest Bulgarian Black Sea resort. The hotel is located right at the beach line, facing the resort promenade.

Accommodation: Hotel Chaika Beach offers to its valuable guests: 2 VIP suites, 14 spacious suites, 100 studios, suitable for families, 299 double rooms, 8 single rooms .All rooms have telephone, SAT TV, mini bar, bathroom with bathtub and hairdryer, air conditioning. Most of the rooms are sea-view and have balconies.
FacilitiesHotel and room facilities of Chaika Beach Hotel - point the mouse over an image to see the meaning.

Room Facilities:
Air Conditioner Hair Dryer Minibar Room Service Safe Box Satellite TV Telephone
Hotel Facilities:
Bar Beach Beauty Shop Internet Laundry Massage Center Medical Services Outdoor Swimming Pool Restaurant Snack Bar Trade Center

Additional Information:
The Chaika Beach Complex 4* provides nice facilities for leisure time. There are restaurants, 24 hours room service by multilingual personnel, free guarded parking lot non-smoking rooms / floors, medical service, large outdoor swimming pool and kids pool, shopping outlets, currency exchange, internet club, hairstyle studio.
Hotel AddressSunny Beach Complex

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    Picture of Chaika Beach Hotel Sunny BeachPicture of Chaika Beach Hotel Sunny BeachPicture of Chaika Beach Hotel Sunny BeachPicture of Chaika Beach Hotel Sunny Beach
    Chaika Beach Hotel Sunny Beach
    Photo contributed by: Chaika Beach Hotel Sunny Beach

    Visitor comments for Chaika Beach Hotel:
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    Goinng here for 14nts in June 2011! by Kirsty Peach on 23 Sep 2010, 17:28
    I am going to this hotel in June 2011 with my partner, my daughter and my step-son. Honestly, I have read a good few websites to get a good review and some people make me sick with how much they complain. At the end of the day, this is obviously a busy hotel, and you have to think, could you do much better?? If you want the best of the best you have to pay top prices so judging by comments - You get what you pay for. People have complained about the most ridiculous things, you dont go on holiday to spend all your time in a hotel ne ways, so you only have to eat, sleep and enjoy the pools/ entertainment. You find pimps/prostitutes and theives/guys trying to sell you stuff EVERYWHERE. Benidorm is a massive, excellent fantastic resort - but you cant turn a corner without being begged too.Just walk away - you find them in London these days. Also, as for finding salt and pepper - if you found it the first day it shouldnt be a hassle finding it again the 2nd, 3rd so on, its more than likely kept in the same place. I have had family who have stayed here and they have said that the service was great, rooms were fab and so was the place its self. Pot holes in roads/streets are everywhere, go outside and you will find one within a mile of your home, thats not the hotels fault!!! I cant wait to go to this hotel I am really excited and the bad comments are only making me want to go more. A holiday is what you make it - if you sit and pick at everything then your going to feel let down - STOP MOANING and make the most of what youve got!!!
    chaika beach hotel by diana on 24 Feb 2010, 13:55
    i have stayed at chaika hotel every yr for past 5 yrs i think its good yes there is prostituets around at night so lads be carefull they just after your wallets and if you think you can get away with out paying think again cos some one will find you make no mistakes about that people are frendly and i found staff very helpfull my friend had her bag stolen by a girl who droped her towel right over her bag at swimming pool they are very good at stealing so be on your gard you may think why we keep going back its good its cheap hotel rooms are very clean and we hav a brill holiday yes i would recomend this hotel and bulgeria there is prostitution and stealing were ever u go theese days just be on your gard and enjoy o i will be back in aug with my mates cant wait
    theiving porter by Marj Swann on 03 Oct 2008, 16:21
    You can't fault this hotel for the Decor and service. It was truly beautiful. However I am leaving this review as a warning. Before our departure we left our luggage in the "secure" locker room that only the porter has access to and when you go to get something follows you in and watches you retrive your own luggage. when we came to leave I went in my bag to retrieve some perfume. It wasn't there! Someone had been rummaging through my luggage. I asked my husband to check his bag. He too had some aftershave gone and the lock on his suitcase had been broke and someone had gone through that. I asked the othye holiday makers to check theres. Everyone had one item missing! If you got home and realised you would have just thought you had forgotten it but for everyone to be missing something it was too much of a coincidence. we informed reception and they took the porter aside speaking to him in bulgarian and then he left. The hotel refused to comment aor call the police. In my opinion this is something they do on a regular basis. So I am warning you. Keep an eye on your luggage!!
    chaika beach hotel by maura on 10 Jul 2008, 04:17
    what is the story about the young man who was chased into the hotel two weeks ago from the beach by men dressed in black and handcuffed to pole in pool bar room and left for a number of hours until released by british police who were on holidays there
    chaika brottle by mr.p flaherty on 30 Jun 2008, 21:01
    "hmmmm"where do i start,my girlfriend and i have just come back from a 2week stay at the was an absolute disgrace,in plain words its a 4star brottle...the look of the hotel was fine,rooms were nice,but the view at nite was a different view than by had a panoramic view of the prostitutes targeting their pray,young or old it didnt bother them..they used rob the victims wallet before or after they would go to the beach a costly shag i can tell you...the pimps are always close by..they own a chip van rite across from the total there are about 7or8 pimps..there always punching the boxing machine...ive seen them beat up alot of fellas infront of the hotel because the protitutes had stolen there wallets and they wanted there bank cards and stuff back...even 2 of the pimps work security in the hotel by that would make you feel safe...its certainly not a good hotel for children............avoid...and the prostitutes live in the bottom floor of the hotel....its one corrupt country...even the police take their cut from the pims and then cycle on as if nothing is going on..the only good thing was it was cheap...never ever again.....
    Chaika Beach by Dervy on 02 Oct 2007, 08:37
    Just back from staying a few hotels along the coast. Chaika Beach (means seagull) was in a perfect location, right on the beach front and quite central to rest of resort. The rooms were pretty basic, but clean, with slippers and bathrobe. The food was fine, decor of reception questionable... However, Iberostar hotels, on the otherhand, are miles better. The one at Tiara Beach was the best of the three we stayed in.
    crazy by positivelikeH on 04 Aug 2007, 06:10
    I loved the hotel and i sometimes finds it very irretating that people complain about finding salt and pepper and no sunbed :=) Its AMAZING how little experience people have of the world and how to live it in the best way. I have to laugh about comments like this sometimes..
    h by mimmi on 12 Jul 2007, 13:20
    krlek till detta hotellet.
    Chaika Hotel by Gemma on 27 Jun 2007, 15:35
    I was at this hotel last week and it was honestly brilliant its very clean and really lovely and the staff are amazing and about the pimps and prostitutes fighting outside the hotel that did not happen when i was ther i only saw 1 prostitute. I will defo be going back next year for 2 weeks
    chaiki hotel by joseoh on 15 May 2007, 21:25
    we are heading to this hotel in july.really looking forward to it though a bit worried about the comments refering to prostitutes and pimps fighting with there clients outside the hotel!can any one assure me that this does not happen?i would be very thankful if you could
    the hotel by sarah on 15 Nov 2006, 20:34
    i was in this hotel a few months ago on holiday and i thought it was great. it is a generally safe area and you are right next to the pool and the sea also just out side the hotel is all the markets and they are geat too. the people in the hotel are awsome dimetre petrov ( bell boy ) he is soo cute and he is such a gentlemen. sarah
    Chaika Beach Hotel by Vic on 10 Aug 2006, 19:17
    We're off to the Hotel in September and would like to know if it is a generally safe area (ref pimps and prostitutes fighting outside the hotel). Also having done Greece and Turkey in the past, is the weather similar at this time of year (25 Sept)?
    Hotel Chaika Beach by Peter on 08 Aug 2006, 20:28
    We have just come back home from Chaika Beach Hotel. Seeing all the prostitutes and their pimps fighting with the clients in front of the hotel spoiled our holiday.
    chaika beach hotel by jim on 24 Jul 2006, 16:03
    I have just returned from the a/m hotel. My experience I regret to say was NOT a good one.
    When I requested extra pillows I was told to find the chambermaid myself.
    Not once in the seven days did we get a sunbed at the pool. When I enquired if the hotel had a policy about guests putting towels on beds and coming back when they felt like it I got a shrug of the shoulders. The pool beds are totally inadequate. Black insects walking around the room, up the curtains and in the bathroom. After trying very hard not to break an ankle in the pot holes on the paths around the resort you get your ear drums seriously assaulted by the entertainment in the "Irish Bar".
    At 20 past midnight the barman showed us a sign that read "STOP" . No more drinks and we had to vacate the bar. The view from the bar next door is of the prostitutes walking up and down the foothpath.
    Looking for salt and pepper every meal was irritating to say the least.

    Hotel Chaika Beach by Maria on 23 Jun 2006, 14:28
    We spent two weeks on hotel Chaika Beach. Very good hotel and friendly people working there. Food was (too:) ) delicious. Special thanks to girls in money exhchange.
    nice hotel by Jan on 23 Oct 2005, 20:18
    agree with those that claim the hotel is good
    hotel chaika beach by claire on 10 Aug 2005, 18:01
    I am going to the hotel chaika beach in september and this will be my first trip out of the UK needless to say i am excited and nervous at the same time. Could anyone tell me what the hotel is like, and what the meals are like in there as we are booked in for half board. Also in september does anyone know roughly what the weather will be like. And could someone pls tell me roughly the price of things, any info would be greatly recieved, you can email me at I will post back comments of my hol's when i get back. 1 last thing, would anyone be able to advise what to take in the money department, whether take all lev or travellers cheques as i have heard that travellers cheques they charge quite a bit in commission fees to change them. As i said i dont have a clue as this will be my first trip abroad,
    Chaika Beach Hotel by Laurie & McElroy on 10 Aug 2005, 13:25
    We had a lovely relaxing hotel in a beautiful hotel Chaika Beach food very good staff most helpful a lovely 7 days holiday, Thanks to everyone