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Hotel Sun Palace in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Hotel / Accommodation Information:
LocationSunny Beach
Hotel TypeHotels
Hotel OverviewThe Sun Palace Hotel is situated in the only center of the Sunny beach resort /on the opposite of Kuban Hotel/ - 100 meters from the sea away.
FacilitiesHotel and room facilities of Hotel Sun Palace - point the mouse over an image to see the meaning.

Room Facilities:
Air Conditioner Minibar Satellite TV Telephone
Hotel Facilities:
Bar Conference Hall Fitness Center Outdoor Swimming Pool Restaurant Tennis Tourist Office Trade Center
Hotel Address8240 Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

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    Picture of Hotel Sun Palace Sunny BeachPicture of Hotel Sun Palace Sunny Beach
    Hotel Sun Palace Sunny Beach
    Photo contributed by: Hotel Sun Palace Sunny Beach

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    Sun Palace by Don Finlayson on 16 May 2010, 12:57
    I and my family stayed at the Sun Palace in May 2010 and was concerened about the poor revews it was geting regarding the food as some of my family members are reluctant to try something different. However we found that although the food was predomanantly (as you would expect) Bulgarian, that we all found something each night that we liked. As it was just before the start of the season there were a few teething problems which were very quicely put right. We found the staff to be very friendly and polite and the only complaint we had was the fact that they were alway cleaning up after you, the place was spottless The hotel is right next to the shopping area and close to the beach which was ideal for me as I cannot walk to far.
    Woo Hoo stay here! by Toby + Robyn on 01 Jun 2009, 22:12
    This hotel was amazing. Friendly staff, good food, good bar and location couldnt be better. Its a stone throw away from either the beach or the night life. Maids are always there if you need something, and all the staff are great, bless our Nickolou thanks go a long way he helped us with our problems and got us a cheap taxi everywhere. If you use mannors everyone is great.
    Big rooms for 4* we would recommend anyone to come here. I'm sorry if anyone has had a bad experiance here because i thought it was great. Great for singles couples or family as they cater for everyone in the restaurant and if you fancy a meal out there is plenty great but affordable places in the resort.
    sun palace by christine hadfield on 07 Feb 2009, 22:23
    my went sun palace june 08 6 adults 2children it was brill enjoyed it so much going back june 09
    DONT GO by Jack on 30 Aug 2008, 17:19
    the first night we arrived we found a man lying right outside the front doors to the hotel, with someone checking his pulse. the next day we had our first meals. breakfast was alrite, but most of the good food was gone if you didnt get there before 8:30. the staff were unhelpful. during my stay 5 poeple got stuck in the toilet when the lock broke, and the staff didnt seem to care one bit about it. the so called 'international evenings' are actually the same food as every other night, which, by the way, is completely disgusting, cold and inedible. Most of the people staying at the resort are german, and think that they are superior to the british contingent, which the staff seem to agree on. nothing is safe in the rooms, i lost 15 on the first day, not a lot, but when its hidden in one of my trainers at the bottom of my wardrobe, you start to get suspicious of the cleaners. The staff also expect to be given tips for everything they do, whether it is pour you a beer (which is disgusting and flat) or give you a token for the pool table (which costs 1.20 a game!). At first impression the hotel looks very clean, but on a closer look it is actually verry dirty, which is odd because a cleaner is never out of sight. im sorry if you have already booked to go here as you are reading this but it really is a terrible hotel. i would class it as 2* rather than 3 or 4*. Also, the pool is extremely cold, and i only saw it getting cleaned once during my stay and for them kids, there was only 1 guy who played volleyball everyday, and that that was entertainment.
    Sun Palace Hotel by M Hardie on 14 Aug 2008, 17:50
    To give an honest opinion I am sorry to say that we were very disappointed in this hotel when we visited last summer.

    Have been to Bulgaria about 9 times and have enjoyed every hotel we stayed in but the Sun Palace was the exception. The food was so bad that we ate out 10 nights out of 14 and we didnt use the all inclusibe bar at all and opted to go out every evening into the resort. Too many complaints to list!!

    On the plus side the hotel was kept very clean with the maids working all day keeping rooms and public areas tidy so no problem there. Also it is in a great location just a minutes walk from the centre of Sunny Beach.
    However, the food was disgusting, cold and often unidentifiable.

    As 2007 was the first year of all inclusive in Sun Palace I would hope that they would learn from the mountain of complaints people were making. Hopefully this summer will have seen improvements.

    September by Mr J Smith on 13 Aug 2008, 03:52
    Just remember that for every bad comment there MAYBE 10 good ones that people havnt posted
    I hope its good, i will be there in a few weeks!
    Sun Park Hotel by The gang on 03 Jul 2008, 16:45
    I have booked our first holiday together as a family to Bulgaria. Our girls are at school but are classed as adults because of their age and because we are going all inclusive. Also we are booked into the 4* part of the hotel. In other people's comments I noticed that someone else was booked into 4* but when they arrived there they were given 3* rooms. Has anyone went to the Sun Palace recently and had the same problem. We have booked there because it was within our budget for all inclusive but are worried about the bad comments and also is the food really that bad,do they serve the same food day in and day out. All comments would be very much appreciated.
    Sun Palace Hotel by marie grant on 03 Jul 2008, 13:34
    I am about to book my first holiday to
    Sun Palace/Bulgaria is it true there are two hotels with the same name? I am worried about the bad comments made.
    sun palace by kim on 28 Jan 2008, 08:59
    went to this hotel for 1 week with my family from the ages of 3-76. we all enjoyed it that much we are going again same time next year (aug)the food was good they had chicken,pork veal,soup,chips they even had a kids corner.staff are great one day we went out but nanna stayed as bad on legs all day she was waited on the only time she moved was to go to the toilet and im sure if they could do that they would.some of the staff even asked if they could sit with you for a meal and that way they was getting to know you. they played games for adults and children. hotel very clean cleaners never stoped but the cleaner couldnt speak much english but smiled and tried their best to say hello. dont listen to reports on here because it puts you off your holiday when you should be looking forward to it as we should of been but we cant wait to go back and it will be better this year cause more of our family going 17 of us from ages 4-77 to anyone reading this go and enjoy yourself
    hotel sun palace by kim coleman on 28 Jan 2008, 08:45
    i went to this hotel aug 2007 and after reading the reviews thought it was bad.when me and my family got there was impressed.(family ages from 76years down to 3years)we all had a great time we only booked for a week and was that sorry we didnt book for two that as soon as we came back we went to book again for same time but for 2 weeks insted.dont lisyen to reports on here because you will be dreading your holiday instead of looking forward to it trust me.even the food was good had (chicken,pork,soup,stew,even a kids corner with sausages,chips,spagetti inbetween meals you can get toasties with cheese,onion,ham anytyhing you wanted icecream allday. staff was nice we went out one day and my nan 76 wanted to stay in the hotel as she is bad on her legs and one of the staff waited on her all day the only time she moved was for the toilet but im sure if he could of done that he would.even 1 of the staff was asking if she could sit with people to eat her meals so she got to know everybody.the played games with you and kids so dont worry make your own mind up and you wont regret it
    sun palace hotel bulgaria by may douglas on 16 Jan 2008, 09:51
    i have booked here for aug and i can only see bad reviews for this hotel sdaying the food is rubbish and staff are awful.can anyone tell me different, thanx
    I miss them:( by Joanne Douglas on 10 Jan 2008, 18:44
    hello, met most of the staff at sun palace and i miss them very much! nikolay, gogo, george(ladustin?),ivan,sansislav and many more .. if you read this could you please get in touch with me thank u !!!!!
    9 JULY by JODI on 17 Nov 2007, 08:40
    sun palace bulgaria sunny beach by stephan on 14 Sep 2007, 10:43
    amazing hotel but bad food really bad food
    food/staff/pool/ pool bar??? by A disgusted Tourist, North east on 16 Aug 2007, 13:21
    on my recent trip to bulgaria's very own sun palace i was amazed at what my family had paid 2,900 for (2adults 2 children). pig ignorant staff who ignore you most of the time, a pool in which 13 children came down with ear infections and after a week of us being there finally started to be cleaned (to their standards)atleast. The food all catered for germans and what you didnt eat for lunch went into a stew for main evening meal, whilst understanding the german palette is differant from our own you would assume there woud be atleast something reasonably appetising,, NOPE. one women we met was eating the gravy as soup because it was the best thing there,and as for a pool side bar its a bar that is non inclusive and you have to pay, so if u were all inc like myself and my family you would have to go all the way into the diner to find 5 or 6 drinks available to yourself which is disgusting for an all inc residence. and one last thing,, the entertainment for kids is atrocious dont be wowed by the playground and thought of entertainment team because its a swing against a fence on muddy grassed area and the entertainment team are 4 16-17yr olds with broken english and prance around in stupid fish net costumes not to mention they sleep in cupboards at the back of the resort,, after all that,, you would love bulgaria!!!!
    the hotel by joe on 16 Jul 2007, 11:48
    i think this hotel is rubish beacause there is nothing to do for children
    th food is allways cold
    SUN PALACE 4 STAR by MARK B on 15 Jun 2007, 21:20

    fattys by nataligh hoggared on 13 Jun 2007, 11:45
    you fat bastards sitting around all day lazy cunts
    rubbish by sammy on 13 Jun 2007, 11:43
    this hotel is a pile of shit
    i am going by chelsea smith on 13 Jun 2007, 11:42
    i am going to day to sun palice i home i feel welcome and i hope i can injoy my self
    me by natalki on 05 May 2007, 08:06
    eugfjsgfrsngjrijk ryi wi n5i75wi uqi4u rtu qart tr urtj
    great holiday by alexander shonenberg 19 on 23 Mar 2007, 13:49
    my name is alex i went to bulgaria in oktober i met a beautiful girl called jenny i love her very much she livves in england vut u live in germany i really miss her i will never vorget her bulgaria was very good and a really liked the hotel it was very clean and the rooms where very large never get a prostitute they rip you off
    so hi jenny if you read this please can you email me my msn is
    thank you and i love you very much xxxx
    bulgaria by jean 78 on 23 Mar 2007, 13:37
    it was very nice there but a bit of my money went missing there was a very good dining area asd also the security guard at night was cool valiswaft he was called wel i would recommend this hotel to others but keep your handbags and money with you at al times
    Disco "XL" rulz :> by Baycho on 17 Mar 2007, 13:55
    Hi,Im from Bulgaria.I'll go Sunny beach this summer 2007 from 1st july to 30th August.I love Night life and beautiful girls.My favorite discos ==>XL,Lazur,Mania;If you want to chat with me please email/MSN on ==>
    GREAT by L DUNCAN on 17 Oct 2006, 12:02
    Well thanks tina and yes we are all going back next yr so itll be even better than this yr as long as they have new bar staff eh mrs reeves
    Sun Palace Friends by T.Reeves on 15 Oct 2006, 16:44
    I would recommend anybody to go to this hotel next Sept '07 not only to be in a superb hotel but just to meet Miz Duncan (review below) - she is a nutter (just kidding lou) they really are a fantastic family! You will be guaranteed a brilliant time. xxx
    FANTASTIC by L DUNCAN on 13 Oct 2006, 16:52
    well now where can i start we booked the 3* and was their a few days the hotel itself is spotless the cleaners need therapy i think they all suffer from ocd they r always on the go the food was ok if ur german or like rabbit food but the fish fingers were first class when they werent burnt then the manager moved us to 4* cos hes a very nice man well he was this yr the bar staff were all miserable except stacey and george they were the only ones to smile and yanos the porter/waiter/jack of all trades was brill.the pool was cleaned daily but freezing i never went in it at all but the bairn did.their is not much difference with 3+4* a hairdryer and widescreen tv the mosquitos are vampires but we went at the wrong time of yr their was no entertainment at the hotel in sept so we made our own and nobody seemed to mind the noise we made the germans need to have lessons in manners they r all arrogant but all the other guests were brilliant and we have made some gd friends im returning again to the sun palace next yr as its location is a1 in the resort
    Sun Palace Hotel Sept '06 by T.Reeves on 05 Oct 2006, 21:18
    This hotel definitely has the wow factor when you step inside. It is spotless, cleaning staff never stop. The room we stayed in was massive, i was more than happy with it and the balcony was huge too. We were in the 3* part of the hotel whilst my parents stayed in the 4* part and to be honest our room was better! the only difference between 3* and 4* rooms was a hairdryer. The towels and bedding are changed everyday, the maids are lovely, always gave 150% in everything they did. The hotel is in a perfect location, right in the heart of everything and although it is noisy outside at night, once the patio doors are closed you cannot hear a thing so you still get peace and quiet in your room if you need to sleep. The food in the hotel is awful, not alot of choice and they serve it warm/cold because it is the bulgarian way of life that food is unhealthy to be served hot! (so it says in the hotel book anyway). It is cheap enough to eat out so that's what we did.
    The outdoor and indoor pools are absolutely FREEZING and i will give a medal to anybody who gets in either pool without getting hypothermia, this was quite a common problem throughout alot of hotels though not just here. It says they have a children's playground when in fact it is just a small plastic slide and a swing on a patch of grass next to the pool, my baby liked it anyway. Most of the staff are pleasant, there are a few miserable ones and hardly any of them speak good english. The safety deposit boxes are opposite reception so they were well looked after, i thought it was a much better idea than having them in your room. There is no entertainment whatsoever at this hotel although the bar is open 24/7 if your bored. Not really an ideal hotel for kids, i took mine but we spent most of our time out of the hotel.
    All in all i would recommend this hotel to anybody but i myself will not be returning to Sunny Beach because of the invasion of mosquitos that ate us alive and because the weather in September was rubbish. Thats my oppinion of everything anyway, don't let me put you off.
    P.S - the photos they have here on this site are totally different to how it looks now, it doesn't look anything like these pictures, it is much better looking now. Cheers for reading my review.

    hotel by colin coull on 03 Aug 2006, 12:14
    i was at this hotel in august in the 2star and belive me the not fit 2 put a dog in.the 3 star ones looked ok tho.i wasnt in it that ling rather stop out all nite than stop in there.the bar staff were great at the side ov the pool.eddie and ilian.fantastic guys has sum good fun with them.apart from the hotel bulgaria is a very nice place and very cheep.would go bk but neva again in the 2 star

    first visit to bulgaria (sun palace) by mark biegalski on 12 Jun 2006, 22:56
    just returned back home to yorkshire what a place will book again soon but for three weeks or more.the staff and service 110% on website to book again within 6 hours of getting home (work the rest out for yourselves} cheers
    sunny beach by emma hogan on 29 May 2006, 10:58
    were can you get levs in ireland is sunny beach a good place for kids