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Majestic Hotel in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

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Hotel / Accommodation Information:
LocationSunny Beach
Hotel TypeHotels
Hotel OverviewSet against a backdrop of tree-lined hills, Hotel Majestic is situated at the northern part of Sunny Beach resort. It lies directly on the beach front, approximately 1.5 klms from the heart of the resort. The promenade offers an easy walk to the resort centre where you'll find a multitude of bars and restaurants, and mid June to September you'll find that the walkway is lined with market stalls offering great jewellery, clothing and souvenirs.
The superbly stylish Majestic complex itself has three hotel blocks- A, B and C and two apartment blocks- D and E with a total number of 729 units, split up into 174 studios, 339 twin rooms, 198 one-bedroom and 18 two-bedroom apartments or a total number of 2064 beds.The hotel comprises of 4-star hotel facilities.
All room are equipped with telephone, satellite television, hairdryer, bathroom, air conditioning. Studios are bedsitter type with twin beds and two extra beds with Equipped kitchenette (2 ring cooker, microwave, toaster, fridge etc.), telephone, satellite television, hairdryer, bathroom, balcony/terrace. Apartments are similar, but have separate twin bedroom and double sofa bed in lounge.
FacilitiesHotel and room facilities of Majestic Hotel - point the mouse over an image to see the meaning.

Room Facilities:
Air Conditioner Hair Dryer Satellite TV Telephone
Hotel Facilities:
Bar Conference Hall Outdoor Swimming Pool Restaurant Tennis

Additional Information:
The hotel complex comprises of four restaurants, lobby bar, saloon bar, terrace bar, pool bar, main and childrens pool and activity area, conference halls, SPA and beauty center. The sport facilities include a multifunctional playground, a tennis court, a beach volleyball court and a fitness center. It also has a private beach available open to both hotel guests and the owners of the newly finished apartments.
Main restaurant - 600 seats, Terrace of the Main restaurant - 150 seats, Thematic restaurant (A la carte) - 300 seats, Pool restaurant - 500 seats covered and 250 seats in open air.
Hotel AddressMajestic Hotel is located in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.

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    Pictures of Majestic Hotel Sunny Beach
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    Picture of Majestic Hotel Sunny BeachPicture of Majestic Hotel Sunny BeachPicture of Majestic Hotel Sunny Beach
    Majestic Hotel Sunny Beach
    Photo contributed by: Majestic Hotel Sunny Beach

    Visitor comments for Majestic Hotel:
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    Highly Recommended by Sebastian on 17 Jan 2020, 10:50
    We had a fabulous time here and would definitely love to come here again!

    Sebastian - City Tow Truck Vancouver - Roadside Assistance
    brilliant hotel by kevin and catherine scotland on 08 Sep 2010, 21:34
    stayed here for two weeks in aucust 2010 cant praise this hotel enough very clean staff helpfull ideal location will be back next year
    drink and food by Si and chan on 01 Aug 2009, 01:31
    Hi me and my lovely girl friend will be staying here in august the 24th, could anyone tell us how much a meal normally is on the prom and aslo so how much the drinks are, especially the cocktails lol

    weather by kelly cooke on 11 Jul 2009, 15:30
    i am going to sunny beach on the 13th july but i have been looking @ the weather forcast & it keeps saying its rainning does anyone know if this is true ???? :(
    I will never come back by fedooo on 10 Jul 2009, 18:07
    Just returned from sunny beach majestic hotel with terrible experience. Although we had paid for the hotel upfront, on the arrival to the hotel they took our passports as a deposit and they did not want to return them back until the check out. Even the evening before our departure (we had an early morning flight) when we cleared our bills from the restaurant they refused to return us our passports and promised we will get them back during check out. In the early morning when we were hurried up, we checked out from the hotel and rushed to the airport to catch our flight. And guess what ... at the airport we realized that they did not return us our passports. With 1 hour to the flight, being more than 30 kilometers from the hotel without passports I immediately called the hotel and asked them to send me the passports asap to the airport. It took me 10 minutes to explain them what do I want (speaking to 4 or 5 people) asking them to take the responsibility and send the passports by taxi. They of course refused the responsibility and wanted me to pay the taxi, what at the end I had to if I wanted to catch my flight. No apologies from them, nothing! At the end we were lucky as we convinced lady at the airport check-in to wait for us and not throw us from the flight, so we were able to flight home.
    From the other side hotel is quite clean but we were very disappointed sunbeds around the pools. The hotel has approx. 750 rooms and apartments, while having at max 200 sunbeds. When you got to the pool area around 9 am you could not find a free sunbed although there was 20 people at most and this was because people were early in the morning rushing down to catch sunbeds and placing towels on them. Officially, when a sunbed is not occupied you could ask the pool manager to remove towels from it. However, when I asked for it I was told that I should come earlier. Next day we were setting alarm at 7 to get down earlier and book sunbeds. If you came at 8 you might be not so lucky. What a great vacation with alarm on!
    They also had perfect gym over there with maybe 6-7 machines spaced in 30 square meters with no airconditioning, no towels, no wipes, no water. Great gym for hotel fo 1500 people.
    And food, dinner was quite good although meat was sometimes not cooked properly. While breakfast was great for egg and yoghurt lovers - eggs almost everywhere. And with it you could have 3 variations of cheap tea, 2 cheeses and 3 choices of hams, which looked as the cheapest ham you can get from a supermarket and you would resist to give it to your dog.
    Lovely hotel, I will never come back!
    Message by Dr Stefanova on 04 Dec 2008, 18:46
    Majestik - very, very high quality hotel. Especially in the evening with all this lights. This is amaizing!!!You can touch the simplicity ant the aristocracity the same time.
    I need to be proud that i am from Bulgaria. Very friendly people I just have a Holiday to Majorka and stayed in Vistanova Hotel. Know i can compaire and i would say Majestic and many more hotels in Bulgaria are much better with their new image.
    Bulgarian food - lots of grill with meet, fry fish and chips, fresh salads nicely prepaired... What do you want more.
    People nice and friendly.
    If you have a depression or you want to relax or go away from everyday stressfull life this is the place to go.
    For summer i would prefer Sunny Beech, Nessebar, Sveti vlas.
    If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact on my e-mail:
    I live and work permanently in the UK and i am visitng as a tourist like you on summer but it is grate and worth it.
    :) by narin musa on 26 Jul 2008, 17:31
    How cost..?
    here i go by Alex scotland on 09 Jul 2008, 16:03
    Here i go. i am off on friday to this hotel for two weeks!!! lets hope the weather and the surroundings are good because i cannot wait!!

    Just a quick comment by Frank and Betty from room 303 on 14 Jun 2008, 19:42
    Betty and myself would like to thank all the staff at the hotel and wish them all the best.During our stay we found the staff very friendly and the service was excellent. everything down to the food has been brilliant and has made our stay most memorable.We are looking forward to returning to your Hotel soon.
    Frank and Betty(room 303)
    CANTEEN NOT DINNING ROOM by DAVID on 23 Aug 2007, 16:28
    Currency Exchange by Fiona on 30 Jul 2007, 09:56
    Myself and my boyfriend are staying in the Majestic from the 6th August for 2 wks. Can anyone tell me if it is best 2 change money before we go or wen we get there?
    Majestic Hotel - Stunning by Hayley on 05 Jul 2007, 10:00
    I have just come back from Sunny Beach and stayed in the Majestic Hotel - which is the best hotel ive ever stayed in everything is neat and tidy its huggeeeee!!!! the staff are helpful aswell.
    maids are brilliant came in everyday to clean the room and give clean towels and also changed bedding twice and we were only there for a week.
    didnt think much of the food but ive had worse!
    pools were really clean but cold! which was nice after lying in the blazing hot sun for hours.
    the rooms are huge aswell there was only 2 in my room and it was so big i nearly got lost!
    seaview well worth it!!!
    Review on Majestic and updated info on Sunny Beach in general by Jacob on 02 Jul 2007, 23:41
    Hi again!

    As promised, here's a review on Majestic:

    IT'S NICE!!! PLAIN & SIMPLE!!! :-)
    (but I guess you'd probably like some details, so here goes...)

    Majestic is HUGE! It must be one of, if not THE, largest hotels in Sunny Beach. There are three complexes: the main complex, as shown in the pictures, where the lobby and all facilities are situated, and two side complexes. As I recall, the main complex has twelve stores/floors, and side complexes has nine. Our apartment was in complex 2, with (unfortunately) no seaview. But hey, we had the sunset instead!
    Our 1-room apartment, located on the seventh floor, was very, very nice. Spacious, well-equipped with A/C, kitchenette featuring microwave oven, stove, fridge (not very cool, though) and... tadaaa: a kettle! Room had couch with table, small table with two chairs for breakfest, kingsize bed, desk with drawers and cupboard and sat-TV. There IS a mirror at the desk, too. Balcony was spaciuos, but lacked some privacy - neighbor-apartment could look right in, and (if you're the paranoid kind) with little effort, could climb over and enter your apartment, so you may want to remember to close the balcony door when not in the room. Bathroom also nice with bathtub, hairdryer (seemed ok, but didn't really use it) and a telephone at the toilet - gotta love it! Only thing i could point my finger at, was the pillows on the bed - bring your own, if you have neck-issues!

    IMPORTANT! If you're not used to this from previous travelling, here's a hint: when we first entered the room upon arrival, we couldn't get the electricity to work. We even checked the fusebox, but no blown fuses. We called reception, and they would send a technician up. Luckily, we found the problem before he arrived: there is a "slot" right next to the entrance, where you have to insert the keycard for the door to get electricity... :-)

    Other than that, we didn't have any problems, everything was super.

    We didn't eat at the hotel, so I can't comment on the restaurants, but I did get a massage in the Majestic Spa - very nice! Ask for "Iskra", a very nice and competent girl.

    The pool-area is, as one could probably imagine, pretty crowded, but in mid-june not a major problem, could be more crowded later in the season, though. Smaller kids go in the left pool, when facing the complex, bigger kids and adults should use the right one. There are showers and even an outside massage-tent in the pool-area, and even a nice round-the-clock bar, which has sunchair-servicing at daytime. And by the way, all sunchairs are free of charge, with a sunscreen.
    As for the "sunchair-reservation-problem", hotel management officially PERMITS guests to practice this with statements in the elevators, so if you experience this, just remove the towels, claim your sunlounger, and refer to the rules - END OF STORY!
    One downside is, that the pool opening hours ends at 5 pm, so no late afternoon dip allowed.

    Oh, regarding the elevators: YES, they are indeed haunted! You'll just have to experience this for yourself... :-) And besides, they are a little tricky to use, if you are placed in the side complexes: From the lobby, they only connects to the side complexes via 4th floor - to get a heavy trunk up to, say the 7th floor, as in our case, you'll have to take the lobby elevators to the 4th floor, then walk to the left our right, according to your complex, and then take another elevator uo to 7th floor! You CAN take the side complex elevators to the ground level, but there are some stairs you'll have to use, not very clever!

    Majestic has it's own exchange desk AND an ATM outside the main entrance - nice.
    Other facilities include a little market (probably a bit overpriced, compared to street markets), hairdresser, doctor, internet caf and a gaming room, and as mentioned, a spa. Also, there's a luggage-storage room, for those afternoon-after-check-out-departures. No need to sit on your luggage for eight hours!

    We didn't have any problems with the staff in general, but didn't have the need for their services anyway, so can't really comment on that.

    Regarding the location of Majestic, it is a fairly long walk from "downtown". It is a 20 minute walk or so from Flower Street, so I highly recommend using the "Choo-choo", those small trains that runs from the outer ends of the resort to downtown. A ride is 4 lv's pr. person, and it stops right next to Majestic. They only run at the day though, but at night, you can catch the "tuk-tuk-bikes", a bicycle cab which carries two or four people, usually driven by young lads with a love for loud technomusic :-) A ride from Flower st. to Majestic is 10 lv's, but it's fun for kids, and by far beats a long walk at night along the somewhat pretty spooky dark beachpromenade - trust me! DO NOT take the taxi's - the claim that it's the same price as the "tuk-tuks" and "Choo-choo", but when you arrive at the destination, he demands the price - pr. person! And you DO NOT want to negotiate with the driver! If you do need a taxi, going FROM Majestic, they have their own taxi's parked outside, and you may be able to arrange pickup in downtown at a prearranged time - don't know this for sure, though.

    As for Sunny Beach in general, not a lot has changed. There are more hotels, bars, restaurants & shops than three years ago, obviously. Some of the old places are closed or changed, but the majority is still there - also our favorite bar from last time, "Amigo" on the promenade opposite Hotel Globus. Give it a try on one of the first nights, chances are you'll be coming back the next! If not, there are millions of other places to go.

    Prices has gone up a bit from last time, but that was expected. Still, Sunny Beach is much cheaper compared to Spain and Greece.

    The Beach is fantastic. Lots of sunchairs with sunscreen to rent, and lots of facilities like paragliding, jetski ("Di-Di Team", the place just opposite Hotel Evrica is recommended!) and other crazy waterrides. Even in june, the Black Sea was actually warmer than Majestic's pool.

    As i stated in my last "review", there ARE some issues with Sunny Beach being controlled by the maffia. This is still true, but nowadays, the Bulgarians has taken over. Again, you will not notice this generally. Well, apart from the luxury cars, that is - we had a Maybach and a Bentley parked outside Majestic the entire week :-)

    And about safety and prostitution: actually I think this has improved. I did take some very... VERY!... late walks from the bar home to Majestic, even on the beach, and I never felt insecure. I can't state that prostitution and pocket-lifting is gone for good, but I didn't experience anything of the kind this time. But be careful anyway.

    All in all: Majestic has two thumbs up from us, and Sunny Beach - it is, what it is, and we WILL return. Maybe allready later this year.

    Hope this was helpful, and have a nice holiday!

    Regards, Jacob - Denmark
    Majestic by Joanne on 18 Jun 2007, 17:03
    Me and two friends are going for two weeks on 31st July, and we're really looking forward to it. If anyone else is going at this time, give me a call:
    I'll give a review once we get back! :)
    Sunny Beach in general by Jacob on 04 Jun 2007, 20:55
    Hi everybody. My wife & me are going BACK to Sunny Beach this summer after 3 years. We were there August 2004, stayed at the very cheap youth-orientated Hotel Balkan (great if you want to party with young & drunk Sweedes 24/7). This time, we are going in June and have booked an apartment on the Majestic. Hopefully this will be a big improvement! Will give a review when we have returned.
    As for Sunny Beach generally, we liked it very much the first time. We are now both in our thirties, but we still like to have a fun night out. And we did! 6, to be exact. At daytime, we strolled around in the resort, and were amazed how cheap everything was, compared to Greece or Spain. At nighttime, we spend hours at the bars, mainly "Amigo" on the beachfront opposite Hotel Globus. Cheap and strong drinks, highly entertaining staff and LOUD music :-) We never visited any of the real disco's, as we didn't felt the need for it. They are pretty crowded with very young kids anyway.
    But if you like partying & clubbing, I'd say that the only places in Europe that beats Sunny Beach would be Ibiza and Ayia Napa. The whole resort is flooded with bars. To those who fear for the noise, Sunny Beach has a "music regulation" of some kind for the bars, so they turn the volume a bit down after midnight, and the Majestic is located convieniently far from the noisiest areas, so don't worry.
    As others has mentioned, DO NOT - (I repeat) - DO NOT use the exchange booth located around the resort. The nice girl in the booth seems friendly, but when you give her your money, she dissapears and is replaced with a NOT very friendly goon, who give you a shit rate. Instead, use an international creditcard and use the ATM's.
    Also, DO NOT believe that ANY of the various brands of clothes, bags and so on is genuine - THEY ARE NOT! It is ALL fakes, knock-offs and copies. That goes for the CD's and DVD's you can buy. We did buy some CD's and the quality was ok - can't say for the DVD's, as we didn't buy any.
    As for safety and prostitution, well... there are so many people on the streets 24/7, so as long as you keep to the crowded streets, there are no problems. But be CAUTIOUS when going home late at night along the beach promenade, cause this is were the prostitutes reside. They "do their thing" on the dark beach, if you know what I mean. And if they spot you, going home alone after a night of heavy drinking, they WILL try to pick you up - AND steal your wallet. Take my word for it, a girl tried it on me... my advice is to never walk alone late at night on the beach area.
    Also, the rumours you may have heard, about Sunny Beach being controlled by the Russian mafia - those are NOT rumours, it is infact very true. But you don't really notice, apart from all the VERY expensive luxury cars with russian licenseplates :-)
    As for excursions, I would only recommend the trip to nearby Nessebar, the penninsula you can see from the beach. We also went to Varna, but I can't really recommend it, unless you are interested in local culture.
    Can't think of anything else right now, so I hope you all have a nice holiday!
    Regards, Jacob - Denmark.
    Arriving 18th June by L*B on 30 May 2007, 09:50
    Can anyone tell me what the majestic is like for young couples...Are the grounds nice as i cant really judge the hotel as there are only 3 pictures on every website! Can anyone who has been here put up some new photographs? Maybe ones that they have recently taken. I heard that sometimes prostitutes proposition alot of men, is there any place we should stay away from? I was told that the beach wasn't safe at night..Is this correct??
    August 28th by Jamie on 08 May 2007, 15:34
    Me and 5 18y/o lads are going to the Majestic for a week on August 28th - I know there are quite a few clubs there, but are they much kop?

    If anyone else our age is going at the same time, gimme a bell at :)
    hey by chavon on 15 Apr 2007, 00:28
    hotels really good, staff are also very friendly,no snakes either to yu below=].
    majestic hotel by elaine cooney on 05 Apr 2007, 19:16
    just wondering if the twin hotel rooms have a fridge or kitchenette.
    majestic by elaine on 05 Mar 2007, 21:33
    this was one of the best holidays i have ever had. i was 19 and went with my mum. we had a great time. p.s go to the small bar at the bottom on the left and order a pinacolada!
    how is it in may??? by leona on 16 Feb 2007, 20:54
    hi we are going to stay in the majestic in may for a week!! just wanted to knw if its ok round dat time?? so if anybody know if there are still cheap clothes and designer gear for sale??????
    snakes by jeff o on 15 Feb 2007, 16:14
    do you see any snakes there as my wife is terrified of them please let me know thanks
    majestic hotel by eddie on 28 Sep 2006, 17:25
    no kettle, hairdryer good, cleaning staff great. the weeks holliday was rubbish, long faces,i have never been ignored so many times, watch out for money changers on the strip,they will rip you off. i will never return,if you can cancel do it!!!
    Safety Deposit box by Louise on 25 Sep 2006, 08:46
    Yes there is a deposit box in the apartment. You have to pay for it though. We didn't use one so i am not sure how much it is.

    rooms by Omri on 19 Sep 2006, 12:43
    Could someone please tell me if there is a safety deposit box inside the room / apartment ?

    if someone is going to be booked between 24/9 - 30/9 please email me :
    Rooms by Louise on 18 Sep 2006, 13:52
    The apartments are very spacious and clean, only trouble is there is only 1 mirror which is in the bathroom. This is very bad for a 4 star. I had to do my hair in the reflection of the balcony door.
    coming soon by omri on 17 Sep 2006, 12:59
    me and my friend are coming from Israel on 24th September , we hope to meet new ppl and have a nice holiday...
    Studio/Apartments by Julie on 14 Sep 2006, 18:30
    Could someone please tell me what the studios or apartments are like as i am unable to find any pictures of either! Would appreciate any comments about the complex too. Thanx
    Majestic by Dave on 08 Sep 2006, 12:05
    Great hotel excelent staff, they must have 200 cleaners working there, my wife is a clean freak and she was happy ha, going back as soon as i can really enjoyed both the hotel and sunny beach.
    Telephone Number by Austin on 05 Sep 2006, 13:25
    I'm in Australia and trying to contact someone in the hotel? Does anyone have a contact telephone number for the hotel? Please.
    accomodation by mr scott parker on 23 Aug 2006, 19:04
    i am wanting to book a holiday at the hotel majestic but before i do want to know if the hotel has interconnecting/family rooms to suit 2 adults and 3 children with half board
    Majetsic by Louise on 23 Aug 2006, 11:32
    I am coming to the hotel Majestic on the 25th August. Not long! Can't wait it looks really nice.
    Majestic Hotel by Paul Celtic on 19 Aug 2006, 12:48
    Going out in Sept with wife and baby, can anyone tell me if the hotel is suitable for babys. Ta
    sunny beach by tara on 16 Aug 2006, 22:30
    Great hotel lovely food and choice.rooms excellent service and staff lovely.A must to visit Nessebar
    Hotel Majestic 20th june by Donna Phiilips on 16 Aug 2006, 22:26
    We stayed here for 2 weeks excellent service lifts a bit unreliable.Staff very friendly rooms excellent plenty of space.Sunny beach really cheap for drinks, food, and all designer gear.hopefully going back again
    vusit by mark on 13 Aug 2006, 13:59
    By far the best hotel in Sunny Beach.Head and shoulders above the rest. Clean, modern well run with a great pool complex.
    Sunny Beach by Martina on 02 Aug 2006, 07:59
    Spent one week in Sunnybeach and thoroughly enjoyed. at the Majestic - Check out the Spa and beauty Centre at the Majestic. I thought the food was very high quality. The massages and treatments in the Beauty Spa are excellent and staff highly professional.
    Check out "The Voice" on the beach front past The Helena hotel; fantastic live music. Mini Golf along the sea front. Tastes and Traditions tour gives you an insight into the country and it's history. Nessabar is the local fishing town with loads of shops, restaurants and definitely worth a visit.
    MAJESTIC HOTEL by TRACY on 27 Jul 2006, 11:50
    hotel by jeenie on 27 Jul 2006, 07:59
    not very impressed with hotel, very busy food not great could not get sunlounger.lifts were a nightmare,staff were so grumpy.
    my view on the hotel by alex j on 22 Jul 2006, 16:21
    wel i just gt bk to england on tuesday after spending a class week at hotel majestic. it is so spacious and tidy inside. the walkway from the beach is relaxing but is even miore so at night when the lights are lit. the pool is rather cold but soooo. i enjoyed my stay at hotel majestic and i recomened to everyone who is thinkin about goin to sunny beach to stay at the majestic.
    Majestic by Nicmicola on 12 Jul 2006, 20:48
    I went to the Majestic 3 weeks back there was a few mishaps when we srrived they had accidently canceld one of our rooms so they placed us in c block where the apparmants are they are cool i massive living/dining room and seperate bedoom they moved us half way through the week to the normal rooms the lifts are a bit dangerous they seem to be possesed so be carefull with children.....overall food service is good no shorts at meal time is a bit harsh but....u can not take any drinks soft or alcaholic in to the resturant you have to buy theres no drinks are free at evening meal over all resort was nice let me know if the little boy with the tin playin music is still there and that gigantic snake
    Holiday 21st by Rick/Lynne/Bethany on 28 Jun 2006, 19:18
    Going to the majestic on the 21st hope to meet you people
    Studio by Robert on 18 Jun 2006, 20:03
    Is There Much Room In The Studio For 3 Ppl.
    im gaan here by Rob on 09 Jun 2006, 23:19
    im goin here 23rd july hope to see you there people =)
    kettles by sarah on 04 Jun 2006, 19:21
    There are no kettles in the rooms. However, the studios have a kitchenette with a ringcooker and some pots and pans, boiling teawater there should not be a problem.
    23rd-1st by tasha on 02 Jun 2006, 16:24
    staying here in june 23rd-1st july from manchester. cant wait 12 of us should be a luagh
    kettles by paul on 27 May 2006, 22:07
    can anyone tell me if there are kettles in the rooms....????
    Hairdryers by Tracy on 16 May 2006, 16:40
    Could anybody tell me if the hairdryers are OK, normally not very good in hotels. Would you recommend to take your own
    Wonderful by Kelly Ann on 16 May 2006, 16:35
    Stayed at the Majestic for a week, what a wonderful time, superb staff, cleaniness A1, would recommend to anybody.
    Nice one by Mike Hunt on 26 Apr 2006, 18:05
    Gitski, scaramoosh but a bit of a fandango.