Perounika Hotel Golden Sands - Pictures of Bulgaria

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Perounika Hotel in Golden Sands, Bulgaria

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Hotel / Accommodation Information:
LocationGolden Sands
Hotel TypeHotels
Hotel OverviewThe Perounika Hotel is located about 150 m. away from the beach and from the resort center.
Hotel AddressGolden Sands resort

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    Pictures of Perounika Hotel Golden Sands
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    Picture of Perounika Hotel Golden Sands
    Perounika Hotel Golden Sands
    Photo contributed by: Perounika Hotel Golden Sands

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    shut up who deosent like german and Irish??? u must not no how da have fun loser
    we love muppet bar by belfast_muppet09 on 02 Mar 2009, 20:44
    went here in july 08 for 1 week, was the best week of my life, cant wait to get back next july 31st for 2 weeks, 7 girls all wanting a good time :D:D every nite we will spend here, so hope to see u all then :)
    dirty irish by muppet is crap on 02 Mar 2009, 20:41
    this bar is full of IRISH and its crap, no one like the irish or germans
    your a muppet haha by conor - cotton eye joe on 18 Feb 2009, 18:15
    rosie shuttttt up haha onli jokien....well times hav past and we have decided not to go bk :(:(!

    rosie is a drunk driver tut tut ....

    sheep shaggers ovr and out!!
    thanks graeme by ireland_09chick on 22 Jan 2009, 16:45
    thanks for the post grame well we have booked so am goin :) am quite happy ni
    For Ireland Chick by Graeme on 18 Jan 2009, 00:15
    Yeah the muppet bar is a great place to go, when we are there we go every night. You'll have a ball! Good times!!
    will i wont i by ireland09_chick on 04 Jan 2009, 18:46
    hi, all of my friends, have been goin 2 bulgaria for the last 3 years, they stay in pliska hotel and go 2 muppet bar and a place called bonkers i think, they love the place, and i ahve booked this year 2 go in july, with them, can sum 1 answer is the place as good as they say??
    sheep shaggers by Rosie on 19 Dec 2008, 04:43
    Coner u fukin lie haha MARIA is yr girlfriend? does your girlfriend in ireland knows that?

    VEryyyyyyyyyy niiicee !!!! HOw much sheeeeeeeeep shaggeeeeeeeeeer :D:D:D
    muppets bar by conor - cotton eye joe on 03 Sep 2008, 20:38
    oi hotel pliska is feckin amazin... cnt wait til go bk again....

    rosie loves the sheep shagger..mmmmmmm very niccee much :):)

    miss uu
    muppets bar by conor - cotton eye joe on 03 Sep 2008, 16:55
    ive been 2 bulgaria for last 3 yrs just bk 2 days ago.. prob the besty place ive evr been, pipi and the bar staff are all amazin n thanx for the t shirt. my girlfriend works behind the bar maria. cnt wait til go bk n c her again nxt yr... oi cant forget flyer girls lik rosie n veronica ... c u guys nxt yr. evn tho i stil talk 2 u on facebook. miss u loads
    Muppet karaoke Bar by ROsie on 18 Apr 2008, 19:24
    Hiya everyone! I`m Rosie I`ve been working in muppet bar since 2004. I hope I`ll meet ever again someboby who regognize me from there!
    Muppet FOREVER!
    muppet bar by kirsty on 22 Sep 2007, 17:42
    omg lv da muppet bar pipi n chiko ow eva u spel it lol 2 legends goin behind da bar wiv ya was mint ope 2 c ya next yr mwahhh xxx
    best hotel goin by AZZY on 27 May 2007, 18:24
    been to bulgaria 4 11 years now and all i can say is this hotel is well under rated it should be 5 stars instead of 3 the staff are amazin aswell especially in the muppet bar PIPI AND CHICKO are amazing (known them for 9 of the 11 years lol) anyway cant wait to go back this year 22nd of july 2007 haha peace out from AZZY :)
    nightlife by sandy on 29 Apr 2007, 16:20
    I've been to golden sands 3 times now and cant wait to go back. The night life is fantastic, and the men even better especially 1 tattooe artist i met.. Try the monkey karaoke bar if your going the staff there are great..
    muppetkaraokebar by eminem-loose yourself on 07 Oct 2006, 09:46
    hi guys. i was in goldsands one week ago and i was every night in the muppetbar. i love this place. i met the cutist girl ever there, her name was rosi, but 'cause of my stupidity i made something wrong and i couldn't say googbye to her, and to say thank you for the nice time, she gave me. furthermore i have no address of her. that makes me crazy.
    Flyers girls for muppet by Jacquesf1 on 18 Aug 2006, 09:15
    Flyers girl for moppet were the most beautifull.

    best wishes
    many times in muppet and walking street by veli from finland on 11 Aug 2006, 07:23
    i have been 5 times in holliday in golden sands, and many,many times in muppet bar, this year also, not singing but like the atmospheare, many familiar faces there , i only now rosi by the name, but she wasnt there this year, and also the blond little girl in the door . they know me by the face and rosi by the name,.I met there a girl name Rena in the street, i miss her . next year again, in august-september.
    =) by Lonelywolf on 06 Jul 2006, 14:28
    Hehe i see you two Cowboy girl=)=)
    muppets bar 17-24june by Lenike on 04 Jul 2006, 19:55
    i love the muppets bar... me and my friens camilla went there... everybody knew us with our cowboy hats... if you eyes looked at us cowboy girls pleas give a comment
    muppet is the great! by Lonelywolf on 27 Jun 2006, 16:48
    if they email me I im so happy there are two girls who i give roses and my email address i hope they soon email me=)bye and good luck=)
    muppets by wayne luvin bulgaria on 21 Jun 2006, 19:25
    i went bulgaria a few ago n last year n luv muppets im engaged 2 1 ov the girls whoworks der u might ov cin her she standz at da door n her name is rossy she has blonde hair so if u guyz wana get in touch wit peepz over der my addy is give me a shout n ill c wot i cn do
    MUPPET BAR ROCKS!!! by danielle aspinall on 20 Jun 2006, 19:01
    i jst gt back from golden sands bulgeria and i went to the muppet bar 4 nights and it was the most unbelievable nights of my life all the attention u get and i went with 15of my mates during the beginging of world cup.i met 2 german guys and wow i wish i cud have spoke their language. Anyone who went the muppet bar or has any addys from the people their let me know my addy is
    muppet bar by rach on 06 Jun 2006, 22:11
    didnt stay at this hotel, but its good to stay at cos the muppet bar is only downstairs!.
    i loved the singer, she was amazing.
    the waitress (cant remember their names) were great.
    the people are really friendly.
    the amount of legendary english songs they play is great too.

    and who cant forget nana!. the toilet lady. she's great.

    muppet bar all the way.
    read this! by emmi on 04 Jun 2006, 16:49
    i`m going to bulgaria 16.7.2006 with my friend. i love muppet bar! is there anymore pipi, vili and niki??? i need to know, those guys are amazing!!
    hey=) by Lonelywolf on 11 May 2006, 10:03
    well we go golden sands in june back=) in two weeks=) who now than what happened when i go there=) ok=) see ya soon=)=)
    Muppet bar by Mark Ellis on 19 Dec 2005, 17:53
    Hi i never stayed in this hotel, but does anyone no the email address of any of the staff at the muppet bar, there was one lady called polina? i think, and i have lost her address does anybody no it
    rite sumthin in wud ya!! by eddie magill (belfast) on 02 Dec 2005, 13:08
    go on rite sumthin in. im missin u's.
    hello people by eddie magill (belfast) on 02 Dec 2005, 13:03
    hi! wat u's up 2? dani, kerri, and becki
    da muppet bar is da best by eddie magill "belfast" on 25 Nov 2005, 13:45
    i love da muppet bar. the toilet lady looks well mad, she looks like that women out of the ring.everyone who i was with where all getin drunk on da tequilas.
    muppet bar is da best by Rossy on 09 Nov 2005, 12:44
    If u never been in muppet, go there nd u`ll find everything what u`s free entry nd u cn get free alcohol!
    muppet bar by Danielle on 22 Aug 2005, 18:06
    i like natalie who works there she is very nice and my friend likes the tequilas there where you have to put salt on your hand,drink this drink and bite into a lemon.i like vlad
    muppet bar by leanne bradshaw on 22 Aug 2005, 18:02
    i like the toilet lady she looks like a witch
    great times by dicker on 14 Aug 2005, 16:15
    this hotel shows entertainment lesiure and all round fun in fact its like a resort of its own the staff are amazin especially pipi who works in the muppet bar down stairs i rate this hotel *****
    Hello Friends by Antti on 30 Jul 2005, 20:41
    muppet karaoke bar is greate i like one waiter who is work in there=)
    Muppet karaoke by Jinx on 23 Jul 2005, 18:00
    i like the toilet lady
    bulgaria by luke on 20 Jul 2005, 11:35
    i just got bak 1 day ago from bulagaria n i miss the place already the muppet karaoke bar i sth ebest place ever
    Perunika by Stephen Barbour (Scotland) on 19 Jun 2005, 07:57
    Hi ,we have stayed in this hotel the last 2 yrs , it is a very good hotel , the staff are really friendly , especially in the lobby bar Polina ,Raya & Natalie, Bobby @ the pool is a great guy & very attentive .
    Muppets Karaoke bar in the basment is a great place to go , where you just pick a song tell Vlad (the guy with the mic) & when your turn comes he just brings the mic to you , look out for Iso he works on the bar a real good guy along with Pipi , all the best & have a great time in GS , We are going again this year 3/7/05 if you are in the Muppets & hear someone singing Hotel California it'll probably be me (so take your earplugs)