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Pliska Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria

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Hotel / Accommodation Information:
Hotel TypeHotels
FacilitiesHotel and room facilities of Pliska Hotel - point the mouse over an image to see the meaning.

Room Facilities:
Radio Safe Box Satellite TV Telephone
Hotel Facilities:
Beauty Shop Fax and E-mail Services Internet Laundry Restaurant Snack Bar
Hotel Address87 Tzarigradsko Shose, Sofia

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    Picture of Pliska Hotel SofiaPicture of Pliska Hotel SofiaPicture of Pliska Hotel SofiaPicture of Pliska Hotel Sofia
    Pliska Hotel Sofia
    Photo contributed by: Pliska Hotel Sofia

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    latinka hotel is much better by bibi on 01 May 2010, 00:01
    I would recommend to stay at closer hotel like LATINKA even if you are going to pay little bit more.

    28A Latinka Str., Sofia, Bulgaria

    phones: +359 2 8 700 841; +359 2 8 700 848
    phones: +359 2 8 700 856; +359 2 8 700 866

    fax: +359 2 8 700 856


    ugly hotel by bibi on 30 Apr 2010, 23:55
    This hotel is a disaster. I could not believe seeing old stains on the carpet everywhere. Old soaps pieces shattered all over the bathroom, they had mold and dead cockroaches on them. The stains i saw are undescribable, they are scary it looked more like blood or vomit. The closest hotels there in that area are LATINKA , MOSKVA. Latinka hotel is clean and quiet. FOREIGNERS DO NOT GO TO PLISKA YOU WILL HATE THE DAY YOU WERE BORNED.
    decadent by Tizi on 22 Dec 2009, 11:43
    I stayed there for 2 nights. The price of 46 lev is cheap for Sofia but do not expect a 3 star hotel. It is more like a hostel built in the 1960s and NEVER renovated or repaired. No cockroaches, but it is indeed all dirty excluding the sheets. Also, the reception staff was very RUDE! Stay away from this hotel!!
    hotel near the airport by Anna on 09 Jan 2009, 23:48
    Hi guys, does anyone know, where should I stay, if I arrive at 11PM to the airport.Is there any transport to the citycentre or should I sleep in the airport?Is there any hotel by the airport?Thank you for your answer
    Pliska Hotel by George K. on 13 Aug 2008, 02:07
    God! It was a nightmare! I stayed there for 7 days. Every day and night we had insect parties all over the 9th floor, with hundreds of cockroaches (of all sizes) attending. The room hadn't been cleaned for ages! The carpet on the floor can't be described. The bed was totally broken, as well as e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in the bathroom! Not to mention the breakfast, where we had to eat 3-days-old bread, awful coffee in broken cups (I didn't manage to find even one that wasn't broken)... I really expected 'a little more' from a 3*** hotel!
    Emergency call by Jordi on 03 Aug 2008, 20:46
    Just as the other guys said, stay away from this place! I spent there one entire week (yes!, I've survived Pliska! :-) because I'm Spanish and have low standards ;-), but staying there proved to be hard even for a Spanish. The whole experience was like a safari: a) an average of four cockroaches in the bathroom , plus 2-5 cockroaches in the wardrobe, beds, chairs and/or the tables; b) the corridor looked like some Bulgarian mafia guys had been knocking some heads against the walls; c) a boy got robbed while in Pliska; d) elevators sometimes worked, sometimes didn't; e) for breakfast: a coffee so bad that seemed some kind of cockroach juice; cereals (yet there were no bowls for cereals!) and toast (though the toaster -only 1 for potentially more than 140 guests- seemed to have been bought at the end of the II World War. By now it must already have exploded). After some days of safari, I asked to change my room; I moved to the 11th floor and had no more cockroaches. I had no more hot water, either!!!
    As regards location, don't trust those who say it's okay: it is equally bad, it's an average of 25-30 minutes away from the city center (because of remarkable traffic jams), whereas we've been right in the city center in a wonderful hostel paying 18 euro less than in Pliska (and at the same time enjoying hot water, no cockroaches and good beds!)
    (That's the other thing: the beds! You sleep in those only out of desperation.)
    Besides, there's always traffic (= noise+pollution) in the motor-way in front of the hotel: no rest allowed (luckily, I live in the noisiest street in Spain, so I could bear that, but if you come from Denmark or Finland, you just won't catch any sleep at all).
    I agree that most of the staff was friendly and I think that if we the guests were treated as we were, they also must be enduring hard times. However, just to stop this madness, people must stop going to this place, so that the fat bastard who's getting the money gets his ass kicked.
    I strongly recommend to stay away from Pliska. Try first any of the multiple youth hostels' options you'll find in Sofia. The city was awful while I stayed in Pliska, and once I got out of there, the spell was broken and the city became beautiful and enjoyable again!
    On the other hand, if you're cockroach hunters, Pliska is just the place.
    stay away pliska!!! by Jim on 29 Jul 2008, 04:13
    If you are afraid of cocroaches stay away Hotel Pliska!!!!!
    especially from the 9th floor!!!!!
    If you have to stay there ask for a room at the 1oth,11th or 12th floor it's too high for them to approach!
    STAY AWAY FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!! by eleana on 23 Jul 2008, 05:43
    Do not stay at this so called hotel for no reason!! `Even if they give you money to do so!! Just leave away as sooqn
    Stay at pliska by roger vanhecke on 23 Jul 2008, 00:30
    Terrible hotel i stayed there 7 days
    what a nightmare at the lobby the pimps are presenting there hookers!!!
    WARNING! Keep away by Marie Belson on 16 Jul 2008, 00:03
    This hotel should be knocked down as it is an environmental hazard. I can't think of one thing nice to say about it. Unfortunately I arrived too late at night to look for another, but couldn't wait to get out of it in the morning. I didn't bother with breakfast because I felt that if the rooms were not clean, why should anything else in the hotel be. Ok, the price is cheap for Sofia, but to be really honest I wish I had slept in the car. This place is a hovel and be condemned!!
    Pliska Hotel Accomodation by Peter O Melia on 04 May 2008, 19:49
    I stayed in thisd revolting hotel on the 27th April and on the 1st of May 2008...I would not recommend this hotel , the bed it self is manky, the sheets on the bed were absoultey filthy, also bathroom floor leaking
    ,wash hand base cracked, Cigerette burns evrywhere inclufing the lockers, carpet stained all over,Smell of must out of the room, DISGRACEFUL WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE STRONGLY ADVISE THIS .
    STAY AWAY!!!!!! by Natalia Fedorova on 29 Aug 2007, 17:14
    Hey folks! I strongly recommend you to stay in the "Pliska" hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria, just for one night and you will certainly admire the wonderful view of a busy noisy highway through the window which seems to haven't been washed for a very long time, enjoy the view of the filthy shabby walls and ceiling, you will definitely hesitate a bit before sitting in an armchair which seems to have been just taken from a rubbish heap, and, of course, it's hard to find the words to describe the cleanliness of the bathroom. But even this is not the most remarkable thing in this hotel. Here you simply won't need the TV set with a not functioning remote controller as you will find much more interesting activities to entertain yourself with. I sincerely advise you not to fall asleep till 10 p.m. At this time the most exciting thing starts. And don't worry: you won't have to count sheep desperately trying to fall asleep in such atmosphere. Instead a more interesting activity is waiting for you - you will count....COCKROACHES!!!! Just the feast for your eyes! One on the mini-bar, oh, and one more is walking on the floor, and the third, and the fourth, wow, and then the fifth, and the sixth!!....Having used all the glasses from the mini-bar to catch them you will at last have to take a large telephone book which doesn't seem very attractive to touch and run around the room killing cockroaches here and there. Being slightly tired of that stuff at 11 p.m. when you already need to be in bed (especially if you have a flight tomorrow morning) you will finally decide to escape as soon as possible. Having packed all your things don't forget to prepare money to pay the whole room price as at the reception you shouldn't really expect that you'll manage to reduce the price. Tired of having listened to one and the same phrase "These are your problems" over and over again you will finally give it up and pay 46 leva. And what then? A pleasant night walk in search of a nearest hotel. I advise you to stay in "Rotasar" (from 46 euro) or "Raj 90" (from 30 euro) which are situated nearby. There you won't bother about the noise of cars outside, have a shower in a nice and absolutely clean bathroom and you won't have any problems falling asleep. So you choose!!
    Re-don't by Ultrecht on 29 Jul 2007, 23:51
    Basically for the money you can't expect more. The people are nice and if you are traveling to Bulgaria for the HOTEL experience you probably aren't that smart anyway. Bulgaria has a lot to offer and for 17 Euro, you are actually getting more than you deserve.
    Stay away from Hotel Pliska by Maria on 01 Jul 2007, 09:49
    Don't ever think about staying at this place.I stayed on 29 June it's a horrible place even the renovated rooms are ghastly looking and the noise from the boulevard is quite annoying.It's not worthed the money .
    Hotel Pliska stay away!!! by Maria on 01 Jul 2007, 09:47
    I have stayed at hotel Pliska on 29th June.The place is horrible ,it's not worthed the money.The rooms are ghastly looking and the noise is awful.
    Question by Dieter Norf on 11 Jan 2007, 17:01
    Price is in EURO, per room per night?
    12.-15. July 2007
    Double standard room (big or small)
    with breakfast?
    My huswoman and my daughter (11 year)
    from Wuppertal/Germany.
    Please say me.

    Warm regards
    Dieter Norf