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Victoria Palace Hotel in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

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Hotel / Accommodation Information:
LocationSunny Beach
Hotel TypeHotels
Hotel OverviewLocation: The five-star Victoria Palace Hotel & SPA is situated in the prestigious
Sunny Beach - the biggest Bulgarian Black Sea resort. The hotel is located right at the beach line, facing the resort promenade.

Accommodation: Its attractively designed interior and refined catering establishments predisposes to real relax and a good mood. Victoria Palace Hotel & SPA offers to its valuable guests: 16 single rooms, 475 double rooms, 42 suites. All suites, as well as most rooms have balconies, all accommodation units have air-conditioning, bathroom, telephone, SAT TV, in-room safe, minibar.
FacilitiesHotel and room facilities of Victoria Palace Hotel - point the mouse over an image to see the meaning.

Room Facilities:
Air Conditioner Hair Dryer Minibar Room Service Safe Box Satellite TV Telephone
Hotel Facilities:
Bar Beach Beauty Shop Fax and E-mail Services Internet Massage Center Medical Services Outdoor Swimming Pool Parking Restaurant Sauna Snack Bar Solarium Trade Center

Additional Information:
The five-star Victoria Palace provides nice facilities for leisure time. There are restaurants, 24 hours room service by multilingual personnel, free guarded parking lot non-smoking rooms / floors, medical service, large outdoor swimming pool and kids pool, shopping outlets, currency exchange, internet club, hairstyle studio. The Victoria SPA Center offers unique Asian treatments, Turkish bath vip treatments, Thalasso treatments, facials beauty and body treatments.
Hotel Address8240 Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

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    Pictures of Victoria Palace Hotel Sunny Beach
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    Picture of Victoria Palace Hotel Sunny BeachPicture of Victoria Palace Hotel Sunny BeachPicture of Victoria Palace Hotel Sunny BeachPicture of Victoria Palace Hotel Sunny BeachPicture of Victoria Palace Hotel Sunny BeachPicture of Victoria Palace Hotel Sunny Beach
    Victoria Palace Hotel Sunny Beach
    Photo contributed by: Victoria Palace Hotel Sunny Beach

    Visitor comments for Victoria Palace Hotel:
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    NEVER go to this hotel - real bad! by Catherine on 21 Aug 2010, 16:14
    This Hotel is real bad, has structural problems and flooded rooms on the 8th floor. Management decided to save a buck on the AC and as a result the rooms got mold under the carpet that make you sick. Practically the AC does not work, doors a wide open , food is bad. The hotel belongs to Victoria Group along with Chaika Beach Hotel. We had a voucher for Chaika Beach from Hotels4U , Med Hotels , NEVER BOOK WITH THEM!!!! We paid in advance and when we arrived the hotel receptionist said there was no reservation for us. Sure they have collected the money already. We asked our money back and we were cornered to move in half flooded moldy room with no AC at Victoria Palace. Not even the hotel we paid for. SERVICE IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!
    Shits by Terry CFC Smythe on 01 Jul 2010, 07:39
    Me and the misses just got back after a week at this proper shithole, she has spent the week on khazi with er arsehole hanging out thanks to the shite they serve up in this hotel. Tried to speak to the fella over the jump couldn't speak english ended up twatting the foreign cunt, don't recommend it, the old bill aren't very friendly, nutters. All I can say is don't go here unless you are propa poor, the gaff is a shithole. Terry come on chels!!!!!
    Dreadful by The Pinnis Family on 17 Jun 2010, 06:13
    Just arrived home from the Victoria Palace, what a dreadful experience! I can only assume that the people who write good comments on here must live in shitholes and live like pigs! You obviously never been to a decent resort in your life or must be low working class?
    Do NOT go to this resort under any cicumstances!! Next year the family and I will be back in provence, nice!
    to Gary by stacy on 07 May 2010, 12:14
    hey Gary i am going to this hotel this summer too and i am staying there for the same reasons - only to drink,eat and sleep. One of my friends is bulgarian and she said to me that the hotel is one of the best hotels in Sunny Beach and i don't have to be worried about anything ! P.S : the nightclubs are AMAZING ! ;) ;D
    Going there in summer by Gary on 02 Mar 2010, 15:21
    I am going there this summer, what are the facilities like for the younger generation (aged 20/21) a si have booked with afew mates.
    Are the all inclusive drinks any good, what beers are on offer?
    To Be Honest, i'm not worried about the only staying in the hotel to sleep, eat and drink, ill be at the waterparks, beaches in the day, and nightclubs on the nights.
    Great stay by Rochelle on 08 Dec 2009, 10:36
    The hotel was fabulous! I know people complain about the staff that no nothing. But they are really trying their best. Maybe it's not good enough but trust me, they tried their best to keep up with their visitors. Just have to be patient really. We all have to remember we are visiting their country. The foos was really nice and the rooms were cleaned. Just a note:::: if you want your room to be cleaned, let them know!!! That's all you got to do. It was the greatest hilday ever!!!!!
    Victoria Palace by Marina on 02 Nov 2009, 23:00
    This is the most amazing hotel you can stay at! It spells out luxury. The spa is great and so are the restaurants. The food tasted amazing and the service was really good. They were polite and patient! AMAZING HOTEL!!!
    Never judge a book by it's cover by Boab on 09 Aug 2009, 23:46
    Arrived outside the hotel and thought WOW, stepped inside and still felt WOW, then reality kicked in and I had to use the hotel's facilities and deal with the staff and the manager who is nothing more than a clown. (I think they must have done their training at the Basil Fawlty university for diplomacy, tact, service and customer care), conditions and food in restaurant were awful and would not have been out of place in a zoo all watched and monitored by the manager and staff. If you are going to this hotel I pity you and wiil remember you in my prayers and what ever money you have spent for half board/all inclusive please take the same again with you as you will be eating out, paying for sunbeds on the beach instead of the poolside and over inflated prices in the hotel.
    Bulgaria by Katia on 17 Jul 2009, 02:02
    Hello people from England!Why you going to Bulgaria?If you are dont like people there go to Jamaica!
    My vication in Bulgaria :] by Adi .S. on 26 Jun 2009, 17:19
    ok.. befor we went to the army my friend and i wanted to go to a vication in Bulgary.
    then we choosed victoria palace,and it was the most amazing vication ever :]
    we had lot of fun ! we met many nice people !
    the hotel's staff were very nice to us and when we needed something they came right away to help us :]
    personally , i will come back again after i'll finish my military service !

    so... if you want a great vication, with goodfood beautiful view caring team,you should choos victoria palace :]

    have a great vication :)

    Holiday in September 2009 by Donna Heyes on 20 Apr 2009, 16:30
    I'm about to book a 2 week holiday at the Victoria Palace with First Choice. I have read several reviews and it does make me feel apprehensive. However, I know what a lot of British people are like and the complaints on here sum that up. Every one seems to complain that the staff at the hotel don't speak any English. You shouldn't forget that Bulgaria has only been a recent up and coming holiday destination. Money and simple basic needs such as good education aren't always readily available like it is in Britain. In fact us British are too used to having whatever we want whenever we want it, everything is always convenient for us. As for complaining about the food take a look at what we have on offer! MacDonalds, KFC, Burger King and all our local pubs that serve fresh homemade meals are shutting down and losing money because the majority of people are looking for offers 2 for 1 pubs etc, those meals are crap and made with a microwave - I know I worked in one last year. Nothing is perfect in any country, certainly not our own but in my opinion Bulgaria is doing it's best to serve the needs of its recent visitors. Nobody has higher standards than the British and even if the food and staff were perfect you'd still find something to complain about. I am going to look past the reviews and decide for myself come September.
    sunny beach by leah on 27 Jan 2009, 21:44
    This palace is great friendly people and great food you should explore the centre of the town its great lots of kids stuff and if you explore you will find entertainment for your kids or your self soi i think you should try it because its wiked.
    Victoria Palace by Irene on 22 Sep 2008, 16:24
    First impresions of hotel WOW!beautiful. But when it came to mealtime it was a complete let down. No cutlery, No cups, Chipped Crockery and no table even to sit at. Lacked Resturaunt management. Shame, the cattle procedings spoilt an otherwise beautiful hotel.
    victoria palace by john on 22 Sep 2008, 15:38
    Victoria Palace was very clean and beautiful. But the Restaurant was a let down. Staff were not rude but frustrated as they did not have the authorary to change things. some were a bit lazy. Management were to blame for the table messups. All it needed was someone guiding us to a table whilst telling a waiter to clear it and set it up. it seemed as if management just stood about not knowing what to do. Bulgaria a lovely place. people nice to.
    VP by Louise on 14 Jul 2008, 23:45
    i 15 years old and ive just returned from vp.. the place itself is stunning. ive read some of the comments but without trying to moan heres what ive got to say. the people are rude.. even the cleaners telling me to move when they were mopping the floor..the people at the bars etc. although the girls at reception speak good english and are nice. the breakfast is ok in the morning what id expect from a 3 star hotel. i ate out most nights, i recommend sveti vlas, 15 levva in a taxi if you dont get one outside the hotel, they rip you off. although i dont agree with people saying everything was cheap.. 3 adults went with us including me and we spent 700 quid in a week goshhhhh. but yes the beach is lovely, weather was scortching when i went etc.
    like people have said go with an open mind and you'll enjoy!
    Victoria Palace by Mandybird on 11 Jun 2008, 17:23
    Having read all the stuff about this place I was very aprehensive going. However, the hotel itself was spectacular decor wise. Couldn't fault that in any way. As for the staff, I found no fault whatsoever with them. They went about their business keeping the place immaculately clean. Our room was fine; only drawback being that there were no facilities to make tea etc. The sofabed my two sons slept on was very uncomfortable also but nothing more than any other family room hotel. The food wasn't great surely but edible. (yes the mash was awful). But it's cheap to eat out and to be honest, would you really want to be eating there the whole time. The pool was lovely and we had no problem getting sunbeds but then again the weather wasn't great so no huge demand for them. Overall, my family and I liked it and would return there. It's not as bad as all the ferocious complaining made here. The Spa was a bit expensive but a nice treat and you can always say no to the extras?
    "THE SPA " BE WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!! by Big D from the V on 08 Jun 2008, 15:54
    Be warned DO NOT under any circumstances let them talk you into using the SPA, it's a big con. They talked my partner and I into using the Turkish Bath with the full treatment and while we were in there they talked us into a facial. this was all on the back of my partner being able to use the Gym free for a few days. When we finished the treatment and asked when she could use the Gym it all changed. We gave them 398 Lev for the Turkish Bath and facial, he then told us we would have to take a package to use the Gym free, when we enquired how much that would cost he told us we would have to spend 500 Lev, we told him where to go. If we had of known as much the Gym is only 20 Lev per day and a T bath without the crap is only 25 Lev. They will tell you anything to get you in there, it's just a scam. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!! And by the way they only speak good English when you are giving them anything,other than that they hold their hands in the air and shake their heads, and the First Choice Rep is not much better, he's about 20-23 and reckons he has worked all over the world (work that one out). Also my partner and I where walking past the doors of the the kitchen one evening and caught one of the male staff perched on the work surface SMOKING!!!!! The food is tantamount to what you would feed to pigs!!!!!
    **PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE BOOKING** by Sandra South Belfast on 08 Jun 2008, 15:22
    I stayed in the hotle for 2 weeks in May 08. The hotel itself is spectacular but it all ends there. The restaurant is a BIG let down. The hotel is 5 star the food is zero stars. The mashed potato comes from a packet, it looks like something from a decorators paste bucket. The food is very rarely warm, and if it is it goes cold very quickly. The vegetables are hard,and most of the dishes and cups are chipped and cracked. There is only one small toaster, and when you take into consideration the hotel caters for 3000 guests, work it out for yourself. There is only 189 Sun beds for the same 3000 guests, and you are expected to buy drinks from the bar if you use the luxury seating!!!!!! I wouldn't recommend this hotel until they sort out their restaurant.Just another word of warning most of the reception and restaurant staff are very rude and ignorant.
    Hotel food vs Eat out by Igor Biscans (unused) comb on 06 Jun 2008, 17:37
    I have comments that hotel food is of average/poor quality i.e. raw, not warm etc. I will be staying in the Victoria Palace - is it better to eat out or in the hotel ?
    cum by big dick on 05 Jun 2008, 03:09
    wot a load of shit
    Never Again! by Edward Skeates on 23 May 2008, 10:42
    Awful, awful, awful !!! I just returned from hell last night!! That being the Victoria Palace! Avoid this place like the plague! The reason is my wife and our daughter remain in hospital due to severe food poisoning from this bloody hotel !! How anyone can make good comments about this place is unbeleivable, I can only imagine that they are used to living in squalor and eating crap food. You would be better off at Butlins. The hotel constantly smells of raw sewerage, the staff are rude and unfriendly, beware of being robbed. Just simply AVOID THIS HOTEL AT ALL COSTS
    victoria palace hotel by irishali on 21 May 2008, 00:44
    just returned from here last night after one week stay...12th to 19 may 08..its absolutely brill...the hotel is total luxury..the staff quite friendly with excellent english...breakfast buffet will have something to suit everyone the dinner buffet is a little more challenging ...almost the same food every evening ..lots of rice and pasta dishes not your traditional english/irish fare but you certinly won't go hungry...standards of hygiene are a+ so no worries there...but honestly there are so many fantastic restaurants within walking distance where you can eat a three course meal for approx 15 lev/7.50 euro per person with all tastes catered for all to an excellent standard.dont worry you will have a great time at this hotel... i am already planning my next trip back ..
    victoria palace by amanda on 16 May 2008, 02:47
    becky i went to this hotel and its great its the best hotel i av bin to the food is great as well dont worry
    re:- vic palace by becky on 13 May 2008, 17:05
    hi iam going to this hotel in oct 08 can anyone clarify what the hotel is really like as i have read the reviews and getting more worried as it is geting closer to my stay and also taking my children so what is the food like? what r the staff lie? and what is it like in general please reply only with genuine comments thanks xxx
    plop by Matt on 09 May 2008, 00:38
    Moan moan moan moan moan

    Cant win with some people, im glad all you moaners had a poo time
    victoria palace by elaine on 06 Apr 2008, 23:05
    heading here in may for two weeks hope i have done the right thing!!!!!as for us tourists going to other countries, i'd like to point out that it is our holidays there that pay ur wages, remember that!
    Victoria Palace Hote; by Raine on 25 Feb 2008, 18:36
    What the hell have i done I've boooked 10 days in September hope its OK
    first time by tom tom on 25 Feb 2008, 17:15
    is there much for children to do in the victoria palace
    ..... by yoana on 21 Feb 2008, 13:02
    what shit name is janky jank? you all full of shit.......I THINK SOOOOOOO....if you have friends.....I DONT THINK SOOOOO.....maybe you beat them instead.....and if you dont like it bulgaria why dont you holiday khazakstan.....sorry i forgot kazhak people full of shit and smell like dont talk shit all time......okay!?!?!?!shit
    Victoria Palace Hotel by Mr Janky Jank on 21 Feb 2008, 07:13
    Or if you are my worst enemy : Well then knock yourself out and get out there A.S.A.P
    its Fantastic you'll love it ......
    victoria Palace Hotel by jank on 21 Feb 2008, 06:56
    Wouldn't send my worst enemy there...
    Victoria Palace Hotel sunny beach by Jank on 21 Feb 2008, 06:50
    Please go to : good advice !!
    Yoana is full of ..... by Plamen Dialov on 20 Feb 2008, 13:28
    I think yoana speak big shit. Maybey she own viktiria palace, I work there one and we are told not smile, or we get beat. i hate my cuontry and shit loke yoana she pesant or jew
    Victoria Palace, Yoana and I vana by Borat on 19 Feb 2008, 13:35
    Yoana you are talking shit as you have obviously never been to England ! Ivana you consider us racist??!! Ha ha well why is it they are still selling Nazi memorabilia in Bulgaria, and if you dont want to bring your daughter up in this country then go home! At least it will be one less immigrant for us tax payers to support! As for the Victoria Palace, stay away from it !! Just read most of the comments on here, its a shit hole just like the rest of the country and the people living there!
    Victoria Palace Hotel by Ian on 19 Feb 2008, 08:18
    All joking aside.... you can have a great time in Bulgaria as long as you've got an open mind.... Happy Holiday
    Victoria Palace Hotel by Ian on 19 Feb 2008, 07:24
    I would just like to add: i'm sure Sasha Baron Cohen Visited for research...Many Thanks
    Victoria Palace Hotel by Ian on 19 Feb 2008, 06:30
    Couldn't agree more with Mr Cox.....
    help! by terri on 28 Jan 2008, 17:00
    hi i went to bulgaria 2006 with my boyfriend and it was great can any one give me there opinion on the ivana palace hotel or sum where to book a cheap flight from england(newcastle) thanks xxxx
    Errrr... by Ivana on 21 Jan 2008, 13:56
    paul cox mabey you should have a look at England for a bit because i actually never seen sucha a stupid and rasist country i live here for like 4 years not and my daughter bets bullied be stupid so called chavs and im am actualy getting sick of it so there......if this was Bulgaria i would actually tell my husband to beat up the silly little rats..........and there is nothing wrong with the hotel its actually like a dream
    ... by yoana on 25 Sep 2007, 10:03
    Paul Cox do u actually think that english people are nicer than the bulgarian people ....?because I DONT THINK SO!!!!!and why are u so exited about how many stars is victoria palace in england u live in 5 stars houses....... I DONT THINK SOOOOOO...... they are not even a 1/2 star....120 years old houses.... and if u dont like it bulgaria why dont u stay on holiday in england ...oll... sorry i forgot u dont have nice beaches there ...i know cause i have been there and it just sucks....sooo much....sooo dont talk shit when your country is the best place to live in. okay?!?!??!?!
    Victoria Palace by E Partridge on 23 Sep 2007, 14:04
    The Hotel is nice but it needs to spend money on the important things like more sunbeds,Making the Games room into a cabaret bar and also looking into the food as it is dreadful. We ate out everynight and we could not fault anything outside the hotel at all The Best PLace to eat at is The GOLDY Resterant food is great and the staff are friendly.WE WILL BE BACK
    Victoria Palace Sunny Beach by Paul Cox from London on 17 Sep 2007, 17:00
    Ok well on arrival the hotel is impressive, very much like a Vegas Hotel. But ok this is not a 5 star hotel, lets face it for 400 you could just about get one night in a 4 star hotel in England! Sure the food in the hotel is shite but go and eat in the restaurants closeby, T bone steak with etc 7.00 ! Just use the hotel as a base, the locals and staff are rude but this is just there culture and probably down to the abuse from some English twats that cant hold there drink! The resort is very much like Spain 20 years ago, its cheap and unsure of itself. Go there with an open mind and you will enjoy. If you want to know more then contact me
    victoria hotel by yoana on 11 Sep 2007, 11:16
    i was there a week ago and everything was great.and i would like to say that if the english people dont like the traditional bulgarian food i dont understand what they like in the stupid english is terrible i dont know how anybody can eat that s**t.i think that the people in england are used to get all the time something for free.but in the other countries is not like this.if they dont like it in bulgaria they better stay in their country.and the bulgarians dont have to know english. i think the english should try to learn some bulgarian.i think bulgaria is great!!!!!
    victoria palace by Cork, Family of 5 on 10 Sep 2007, 14:40
    very impressive on arrival..down hill from there, food dreadful, service worse as staff were uninterested and unfriendly.Bedrooms o.k with regular cleaning. No entertainment whatsoever for children or adults.Thank God for the beach, we had to get up at 7a.m 2 mornings in the 2 weeks to be assured of sunbeds.locals very rude and conveniently would never have right change for you. sunny beach overcrowed and all the stalls sold the same, mostly trash. weather beautiful, beach lovely.. glad we tried it but an experience WE WILL NOT EVER REPEAT The Staff at this resort should go to Spain, Portugal and France to seee how its done properly. VERY DISAPPOINTING!3star max!
    Victoria Palace & Bulgaria by L on 14 Aug 2007, 21:22
    Just back from 2 weeks in Bulgaria. The hotel itself is absolutely fabulous and very clean, fresh towels each day, beds dressed etc. However, I can't say the same about the food, it was terrible, really undercooked and if you like your food luke-warm you'll love it there. We ate out most mornings and nights as we just couldn't face the food.
    Bulgaria itself isn't very nice, the people are ignorant and rude and made no effort to speak English also, if you don't bring small notes with you forget about it, had my drink taken off me one night because I handed in a 50Lev, which is same as 25 -ridiculous.
    victoria palace hotel, bulgaria by This is as it is by mag balfe on 26 Jul 2007, 22:24
    hotel is absolutely stunning, room maids were brilliant and friendly, receptionists and pool-side bar staff don't know the meaning of manners, politeness or english!!! had my visa card stolen while staying there and trying to explain what had happened (so i could cancel the card), i might aswell had been from a diffreent planet!!! the food had a good selection every evening, the queue for pancakes in the morning was disastrous, the poor pancake lady was 'knackered' after the first thirty pancakes, but they did taste good! if you want a sun bed here, you must get up at 7a.m. to have any hope of getting one for the day...not enough sun beds for the amount of residents they had. really do recommend the spa centre, had myself a good rub-down by a gorgeous looking bulgarian boy, who whispered "for an extra 40 lev, you can have two facials" in my ear as i was having an all-over body massage...i already had one of them on my face so i had to pay the extra. so if you're thinking of having one of these, state at time of booking that you only want what you're paying for any nothing else! had a great holiday, definitely would go back again! next time i will learn bulgarian! :)
    honest answere. by maria on 20 Jul 2007, 12:25
    is the hotel that bad or are we just moaners, im going to vic palace 30 jul, if i dont like the food il eat out,i like to explor so sunbeds arent a prob.unless your pool hoggers, the hotel on beach isnt it? y moan. how is the hotel an rooms on the hole??????? any1 bar moaners please. thank you for your honesty, just want to be prepared.
    Vic palace by Steve-0 on 17 Jul 2007, 12:51
    Just back from vic palace,Went for 2 weeks with my g/f was good hol and hotel was clean and very good but when we arrived we were told we were staying in the victoria ressidance which is appartments as they were overbooked and had no rooms which was a disgrace as we paid for the hotel not appartments.I had a massive argument with the staff in the hotel and the were not very helpfull as there understanding of english is terrible. Eventualy we got a room 2DAYS later which was really unfair but i will be contacting my travel agents regarding this. The rooms were very nice and got cleaned reguarly.Majority of The bulgarian people were very grumpy and very ignorant, But any1 going to this hotel please be wary of the room sittuation as we were not the only couple left without a room there were a few more.
    food in sunny beach by DieterL on 13 Jul 2007, 17:00
    i was surprised by reading all the comments. i just hope there was not so much influence from british tourists to the traditional kitchen like in cyprus :). hopefully there will be traditional food or i will be remembered my hard days at my british granny's table
    Victoria Palace Hotel by Mr. & Mrs. R. Stanley on 11 Jul 2007, 18:19
    Our holiday at this hotel was spoilt by the buffet style meals. We found it very stressful because we knew that we were against a battlefield of finding a table - setting it ourselves (if there was any cutlery to be found) - then there was the problem of plates not being there and after this we thought that the food wasn't up to scratch. The food was not hot like the English like it. The hotel appearance was excellent and the rooms 5* but we won't be going there again because of the restaurant system. Please please look at this situation and you will definately try it again. Also we thought that people from the hotel opposite was going on the sunbeds in the hotel and that was why we had could never find two so we ended up on the beach paying for their sunbeds.
    I know most of our comments are negative but we are hoping if you want to have the best you need people to be honest and hopefully you will correct your errors.
    Mr. & Mrs. R. Stanley
    rooms by gill limerick on 29 Jun 2007, 16:22
    what are the rooms like are the spacious enogh for hotwel rooms what are the balconys like also can you sit out on them??? is the water sports good over there sorry for so much questions first time to Bulgaria!!!
    rooms by gill limerick on 29 Jun 2007, 16:22
    what are the rooms like are the spacious enogh for hotwel rooms what are the balconys like also can you sit out on them??? is the water sports good over there sorry for so much questions first time to Bulgaria!!!
    Vicky P by Heather on 28 Jun 2007, 18:29
    This hotel is SO luxurious and the staff are very helpful. I had the best holiday of my life at this Victoria Palace and Sunny Beach as a whole was a great experience. I would go back in a heartbeat. FORGET any bad reviews - they are bull !!!
    This is already a palace by Enrique from Italy on 18 Jun 2007, 00:13
    Imagine,i was really amazed by Bulgarian hotels. They are incredibly luxurious and beautiful. I saw some comments about Victoria, which were bad. I will tell you one thing - for the prices, for the design and place this is the best hotel that any of you can have. There is paradise and the food is more than lovely. Go to Bulgaria, this is place for people who understand the enjoyable life.
    victoria palace and sunny beach by sarah on 05 Jun 2007, 15:37
    went to sunny beach for a week 18th may. Dont worry too much about the reviews it wasn't that bad, remember the area is still up and coming and may not be as developed as other places if you travel alot. beach and sea lovely, we seen dolphind from our balcony, Victoria Palace is lovely, Majestic which is next door seemed nice too, plenty bar and restaurants, they flipopls(something like that) staff are lovely,beer is cheap only 2mins away from Victoria Palace and its on the beach. Food is fantastic!! wish i was there having a mushroom steak now!!
    Victoria Palace at top of strip abit quiet but lovely area only 2-30 min walk into centre but bars and resturants all way down, lots of places to eat.

    hey the englishmen by ilko on 13 May 2007, 20:31
    if you dont like Bulgaria please don't go but don't spesk bad about Bulgaria.Try to study bulgarian we don't need to study your languege of she...
    nightlife by kate p on 24 Apr 2007, 11:48
    Can somebody give me any idea which bars and clubs to go to etc...

    Also bill after reading your comment can you inform me how a 'typical brit' acts I dont understand your point, as I am british, do the locals not like the british or sumit,sorry im just abit confused.
    My Dearest, by Mrs.KABILA MARY. on 20 Apr 2007, 18:03
    My Dearest,

    I am MRS.KABILA MARY, from Democratic Republic of Congo. There is an imformation I would like you to keep very confidential There is a sum of money my Husband Late President Laurent Kabila, deposited in a security company Abidjan Cote d'ivoire for safe keeping.

    Before he was killed by his Eldest Millitary Son. The squable happened as immediately we returned back from our London trip. My husband married us two.I am the second wife.I will not be able to give you the full details that led to that urgly incidents. The Eldest Son is the current President of our country now. For now I am staying in Abijdan, the capital of Republic of Cote d'voire,just to save my life,with my three children. The money in question, is 22, Million U.S.Dollars.

    I can not make the withdrawal of this fund, because my husband registered the Beneficiary of the fund as his (Foriegn Bussiness Partner) and also (Family valuables as the content of the deposit) The documents of the deposit are with me.

    What I would want you to do, is to assits me to get the consignment withdrawn from the security company, and we shall open a small account in a Bank here in your name, and transfer the money to your country, through the account .We shall replace the name Foriegn
    Partner to your own name, because the code was used for security reason.

    I will give you the 10% of the money for your assitance.Ther is no risk in this transaction. I will use the remain balance of the money for an investiment in your country for the future of my children.

    If you are intrested, and can maintain the very confidential of this transaction,you e-mail me immediately for more clearification, and also note that I am a refugees in Abidjan, Cote d lvoire because of the assesnation of my late husband,and the civil war going on in our country,Democratic Republic of Congo.I will be waitting for your kind response.

    Thank you very much and God bless you.

    you people dont know how much fun you have in bulgaria by maria on 20 Apr 2007, 12:33
    To tell all the people who are complaining they better not go to fun places like sunny beach because they don't know how to enjoy the great weather, beach, lovely bars and GREAT DISCOS!THE PLACE IS ABSOLUTELYYY GREAT!I LOVE IT!And the food is awesome, and the people are so nice, and they know how to enjoy everything, there is so many thinngs you can do there and it is SO CHEAP!ANd again I LOVED IT!I am going again with my boyfriend this summer, and i can't wait!GO AND YOU WILL WANT TO GO AGAIN!!!!!
    BRITTS Stay home by Yvonne Romania on 16 Apr 2007, 10:35
    This britts better stay in their windy, crappy country and get more education - I'm so glad there are no so many coming in my country for holiday.
    Victoria Palace by Bill on 15 Apr 2007, 08:42
    Been living and working in Bulgaria for 2 years and this hotel knocks the spots off a lotta hotels in Spain, canaries etc. Great spa, fantastic massages and beauty treatments for the ladies. Sunny Beach itself is a manic place for the younger ones but remeber one thing, The Bulgarians are a very proud nation but friendly, please remember that I see that someone found the term BRIT offensive, if so dont behave like a typical BRIT and the respect will be paid back by the locals
    all of you are coming from Mars by Andrew on 06 Apr 2007, 01:41
    I have been in many places in Europe,but the Bulgarian resorts are always the best ones, and Victoria Palas-ohhh,it is really PALACE
    Don't Listen to the people that complain-there are many stuped people in West Europe that always thing in the wrong way.Bulgarian food is the best and the service is perfect.I don't know where were the people that complain, its funny. GO TO BULGARIA-THERE IS PERFECT
    job by Plamen Dialov on 28 Mar 2007, 19:24


    Name: Plamen Marianov Dialov
    Address: 55 Pliska Str.Entrance 2 Floor 8 Flat 19
    ROUSSE 7004
    Mobile: 00359(0)887865345
    Date of birth: April 23rd 1974
    Place of birth: ROUSSE,BULGARIA
    Nationality: BULGARIAN
    Martial Status: Married
    Children: Two dependent


    Higher:University of RIUSSE,BULGARIA,Physiotherapy and Massoist,School of Law


    English- Excellent
    Russian- Spoken-Excellent,Written-good
    Turkish- Spoken-fair

    Computers Skills

    MS Office,Internet

    Other Skills

    Holder of BULGARIAN drivers licence,categories B and M
    I was working in our Government Hospital in Sofia.
    After that I was workin in Bahrain.There I was working as a private masseur of the Emire of Bahrein.Now my dreem is to work in Sunny Beach.Please give me an answer and chance.Thanks

    Young by ireland gurl on 28 Mar 2007, 19:02
    Is there much to do in sunny beach for the young??
    nervous by edel on 12 Mar 2007, 16:05
    i have just read the reviews for this hotel and to be honest i am seriously thinkin of changin my accomodation for when i go awy is it really as bad as people are sayin
    yeha by beflast chick on 11 Mar 2007, 13:34
    yea its near pubs and resturants i go every year
    location by edel on 07 Mar 2007, 11:24
    is it near the pubs and restaurants and are the rooms spacious im goin in august????/
    sky tv by anthony on 05 Mar 2007, 19:39
    Is there sky tv in every room
    laundry facilities by helen on 22 Feb 2007, 11:26
    can anyone tell me are there laundry facilities at Victoria Palace Hotel?
    food by gorden on 18 Feb 2007, 14:38
    the food discusting
    i found a hair in my chicken soup
    and some sort toe nail form in
    in the buffet.
    no i will not be goin again and i do not recommend to anyone to go here
    thanks for your coopperration
    Going in May by Sarah on 23 Jan 2007, 13:01
    I have booked up to stay at the Victoria Palace Hotel but after reading some of your reviews I am now abit worried, can it really be that bad?
    and can I also point out using the term "BRITS" is a racist term and very offensive! thanx
    victoria palace by jimmy & anne fae killie on 08 Nov 2006, 14:38
    went to victoria palace for my honeymoon 2nd july 2006 first day we arrived was just after a major storm to find the staff had left the balcony door open so the carpet was soaking in water for four days the meals were like a race if you wasn't fast enough you ate out like me and my wife did all week the food in restaraunts was exellent the people are really friendly the bars are cheap if you buy there beer and spirits recommend sharkys bar cheapest place for drink apart from all that we both loved bulgaria and everything about it and are planning on going back 2007 with friends
    sun beds at the vic palace by alwyn on 24 Sep 2006, 19:05
    To my mind the security did NOT REMOVE ENOUGH TOWELS. There where people going down at 6 30am with towles we watched them from our room.these people where selfish and they where not all German they where BRITS. The pool was warm
    victoira palace hotel by michelle (newly wedd) on 24 Sep 2006, 18:47
    we whent sunny beach for are honneymoon picked victorie palace for the look and it was fantasic for the dec and having a drink in the pool was great too .but be prepaired for the staff they dont like working so whont do much,if your a rugby player your love breakfast and dinner it like a big srumm if you go down late 4 both your be ok but find your own knife & fork.the cleaners dont do much l left a grape on the floor all wk 2c if they would pick it up well it could be still there now.
    we didn't get any thing for booken in for honneymoon we whent 2 the super market and got champage all wk it was very cheap.poeple out side hotel R very frienly and bar's R great plus the beach is a stone throw away with a pier with boats that take U2 nessbar and back 4 20lev's. we had a great week wish it was longer,looking 2 go back nexk year for longer this time. just go with a open mind and relax its great there.
    vic palace by alwyn on 12 Sep 2006, 22:27
    the vic palace will take your breath away when yuo walk in to the is great.the food was ok go down for meals dont remove towls like it say they do so yuo cant get sun beds they should remove them and it wasnt germans putting towls out it was BRITS.the stff are rude and cant be botherd to do thier job the sevice was 2star not 5. the chamber maids just walk in with out knocking even with do not disturbe on the door.the hotel was clean and it is great but they do need to sort out the staff. sunny beach is great me and my wife wiill go back thier
    overbooking of hotel by rita on 30 Aug 2006, 22:02
    as a follow up to my last comment i would like to warn any one booking this hotel that it may be a lovely hotel,but they have serious problems with their booking policy.
    It seem that three tour companys have had to tell their customers that their holidays have had to be changed at short notice because of this hotel being over booked.
    This is NOT the first time that it has happened this year alone,so beware
    i am now going to the Nessibar Palace because my holiday was cancelled by Victoria Palace.

    Overbooked (Direct Holidays) by Jojo on 29 Aug 2006, 21:20
    As per Rita we were informed today by Direct Holidays that we were overbooked in the hotel (booked and paid for holiday in January 2006). We were offered a place in the Nessebar Palace some 6 km south. Rita contact me at if you have the same situation. I am trying to figure out how many people were overbooked and what we can do. At this stage I dont know where the blame is to be laid at either this hotel or Direct Holidays.
    overbooked by rita on 29 Aug 2006, 19:02
    I booked this hotel in june 2005. I was packing ready to go this hotel on 4thSep 2006
    then got phone call from travel agent to say that owner had over booked the hotel and we had to be moved to another hotel. i am bitterly disapointed with this so won't be booking there again
    great holiday by Leonardo-Italy on 22 Aug 2006, 18:51
    i love this fantastic hotel,staff is friendly,rooms are vesy sunny and clean,bulgarian food is amazing espessialy tarrator,mussaka,kavarma kebap,and another,but i dont remmember names,bulgarian girls is very beautiful,i will come back in hotel Victoria,sorry for my english.....
    comments by Barbara O'Donnell on 16 Aug 2006, 18:48
    for a 5 star hotel below average if im honest. the food was ok just, the staff were rude and as much help as a clown in a psychologists chair. especially one security guard who took the towels every morning!!! there are no sunloungers available after half seven as u have to be up early to get one meaning u have to pay for one down the beach.the hair dryers are like a handheld mini fan and the balconys are ready to fall down. bulgaria however is ok for a holiday.. would reccomend u stay in another hotel though!
    general comments by jennifer lumgair on 16 Aug 2006, 18:39
    food was adverage, not enough loungers, staff unfriendly, shower broken, towels like sandpaper, overall5 out of 10.
    shopping by vfogarty on 07 Aug 2006, 18:31
    going to sunny beach sunday whats it like for shopping thanks
    Victoria Palace by Susie & Ian on 03 Aug 2006, 09:49
    Visited 17-28 July 06. My advice is take your own hairdryer, the one in the bathroom is so slow with no power what so ever. If you want a sunbed you need to be up at 7am-8am and then stay with the towels otherwise your towel will be removed by security!!! Pool cold - not heated. Bar open 24/7. My advice is go early for breakfast and dinner, when not overcrowded and you don't have to search for a seat. Food on the whole wasn't bad. Rooms are cleaned daily with clean towels when you need them. Drinks in the hotel more pricey (but not by much) than outside hotel. When visiting local pubs be careful not to get ripped off, we were charged 17 Lev in the Happy Duck for one small glass of wine and a local large beer. Always check your change, we were short changed as few times but did realise. Entertainment in the pubs isn't great, just loud music. Friends at the back of the hotel does good food - lovely pizzas and so cheap. Also try DJannis did fantastic food this is located at the back of Go Go Girls near the local market in the centre of Sunny Beach. The sea is very warm to swim in and beds are about 2.50 a day. If you don't want an umbrella don't pay for one. We had a great holiday with fantastic weather and took Sunny Beach as it was.
    victoria palace by mr john mcalinn on 29 Jul 2006, 22:07
    stayed here start july 2006, brief outline
    victoria palace apartments by s brown on 22 Jul 2006, 16:16
    can anyone tell us if the apartments have towels provided? hairdryers? thanx
    Victoria Palace by Mo Uddin on 18 Jul 2006, 12:41
    does the hotel have any enterainment plus do they have alot of facilities for 1 year olds
    love victoria palace by Iceland on 14 Jul 2006, 22:47
    when i go to sunny beach again, victoria palace is the only hotel for me
    balconys by amanda woodrow on 06 Jul 2006, 12:03
    not every room has a balcony no they dont have tea and coffee making facilities and the hairdryer does work but not very powerful but a lovely hotel just got back on the 1st july had a great time
    Hotel brilliant, holiday not so good. by Christne went beginning of June 06 on 28 Jun 2006, 18:44
    If it wasn't for the hotel, I think the holiday would have been poor. Great hotel, leopard skin carpets in bedroom, amazing furnishings in all parts of the hotel. Waitresses a bit forward with the men for my liking and what the dresses all about! Good food, not enough sunbeds for size of hotel, dread to think what it's like peak season. Weather not too good when we went beginning of July. Bulgarians very rude and ignorant if you're not spending your money. Great Hotel after reading bad reports.
    Victoria palace sunny beach by steve smithson on 11 Jun 2006, 01:01
    We had just stayed at victoria palace appartments which are to the back of this hotel run by victoria palace. we had full use of all hotel facilities, our appartment was on the fifth floor and was buitifully finished, the food was excellent, the hotel was out of this world, and it was cheaper than staying in the hotel. we have booked up for next year.
    Victoria Palace by Graham from Oldham on 07 Jun 2006, 12:22
    Accomodation,Service,Food,facilities all excellent.First time in Bulgaria.No problem in recommending the resort and hotel.Went expecting the worst having read previous comments but found them not true.Only adverse comment relates to those idiots who got up at crack of dawn to put their towels on sun-beds.We had a lie in,had a leisurely and enjoyable hotel breakfast then went next door to hotel Condor's pool and paid an ammazing 5levs(2) for sunbed and umbrella.Look forward to next year's visit. by Marta Vargov on 29 May 2006, 07:54
    Information: Howw much EURO 1 wwek
    7 night, period 19.8.2006-26.8.2006
    2 adulst + 1 child /02.11.1994/
    breakfast +. dinner Thank you very much
    balcony by emma on 12 May 2006, 08:58
    im going to this hotel in june.just wonderingf does every room have a balcony?
    what are the facilities in the rooms by emma wray on 09 May 2006, 22:13
    do they have tea and cofee making facilities do the hairdryers work? is the mini bar expensive is there sky and playstation
    Victoria Palce Hotel by Natalie on 08 Mar 2006, 21:40
    A beautiful and stunning hotel. Had a wonderful 2 weeks there. Food at times was not fantastic but you would not starve. But this is an up and coming resort and they have to tweek as few things. If you didnt want to eat in the hotel for any reason there is enough restaurants to choose from. Hotel was kept imaculately clean and rooms were also kept to a very high standard. Would recommend to anybody to try this outstanding hotel. I hope you enjoy if you get the chance to go!!
    Victoria Palace Hotel by Maria Lamb on 19 Jan 2006, 12:36
    I stayed at the VP last year and had a wonderful time thus we are going back this year. You wont be disappointed.
    victoria palace by shelley on 16 Jan 2006, 18:42
    my boyfriend and i visited this place in september and as the holiday had been booked for months we were very looking forward to getting there.wot a dissapiontment it was! the hotel its self was lovely but the staff in this hotel were very rude and was of no help as they didnt speak a word english.i gave up on trying to take advantage of the services offered in the hotel as it was impossable to have a normal interaction with anyone.even some of the bulgarians out side the hotel were rude when we refused to eat in there resturaunts.i can easily say we wont go it was very cheap!!!